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Afghanistan VS UAE 5th Game 10th July 2015

Afghanistan and UAE will have the next game of the total of 51 matches. It is 5th game. Afghanistan and UAE will play their 2nd matches tomorrow. Afghanistan as well as UAE will play their 2nd match of this tournament. Afghanistan and UAE haven’t played any match among themselves. They are going to face each other in this tournament for the first time. Afghanistan and UAE have not played any match before each other among themselves. Afghanistan had the long history of being defeated in the final and last match of the qualifiers round since two years. Afghanistan had played the final match against Ireland in the 2012 in this qualifying round. Afghanistan and Ireland was in the same group and both of the teams have the very tough match that time. Among all of these 14 teams, Afghanistan and Ireland are much better teams as compared to other teams that are actually very weak. Afghanistan had played the match against Ireland in that final match and lost it. Afghanistan is the team who has been trying hard to get its team very good. Afghanistan has even beaten some good teams in the matches of the last world cup. Pakistan played the match against Afghanistan in the last cricket world cup and Afghanistan was very close to beat the Pakistan. Among Afghanistan and UAE, Afghanistan is much better choice. Same thing happened with Afghanistan in the qualifying round of ICC T20 cricket world cup of 2013. Afghanistan played the final match against Ireland and Ireland had beaten it for the 2nd time. This is hard luck for Afghanistan. Afghanistan needs to win this time. Afghanistan will be in top 16 teams. Afghanistan cricket team has mostly the Pathan players. Pathans are usually use to very patriotic and enthusiastic. They are passionate about their country. Players don’t have an experience but they have somehow better skills than most of the players of many under developing cricket teams. Afghanistan had not played the many matches against UAE, but from the stats of previous matches of both the teams against different team show that Afghanistan is going to win the match tomorrow. In the 2nd game of the tournament today, Afghanistan gave the target of 162 runs in the 20 overs game. Afghanistan lost 7 wickets only. Afghanistan did good at batting. 162 runs is not the small target as the team seems. Afghanistan is good because it has enabled itself to be the team who has given the high target. Afghanistan has won the match 32 runs, so its run rate has improved much. UAE has lost its last match from the very 3rd class team of Scotland. Scotland has never remained as the very good team in the history of cricket. Cricket has just started in these countries just years before. Some teams like Afghanistan and Ireland had really improved but all other teams almost have the same level and they are not going to win even these qualifying rounds.


Afghanistan is the good choice because it has beaten the Netherlands with somehow good margin. Netherlands has better cricket team as compared to the UAE. It Afghanistan can beat the Netherlands with so superb way, then UAE is not the big deal. Also Afghanistan has mostly the hard hitters.


After losing the first match, players have become down because Scotland has beaten it. Also, run rate of the team has got lowered down. This match against Afghanistan is really the difficult one to win. UAE still has to face many other teams in multiple matches.


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