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Barclays premier league fixtures | schedule – predictions | preview 18th Oct 2014

Barclays premier league Preview – predictions

Man City vs Tottenham Prediction

Total 136 matches were played. 69 were played in City and 67 in Tottenham. Man won 35 matches In Man City and Tottenham won 19 matches in City. Man won 17 matches in Tottenham and Tottenham won 33 matches in Tottenham. 15 matches were drawn at Man City and 17 matches were drawn at Tottenham. Let’s see what will happen now in this Barclays premier league Predictions. Man City did 120 goals at Man City and 88 at Tottenham. Tottenham did 70 goals at Man City and 88 at Tottenham. So Man City is more favorite due to its more goals in head to head matches.

Southampton vs Sunderland Prediction

Total 52 matches were played. 25 were played in City and 27 in Tottenham. Southampton won 15 matches In Southampton and Sunderland won 5 matches in Southampton. Southampton won 6 matches in Sunderland and Sunderland won 13 matches in Sunderland. 5 matches were drawn at Southampton and 8 matches were drawn at Sunderland. Southampton did 44 goals at Southampton and 25 at Sunderland. Sunderland did 24 goals at Southampton and 42 at Sunderland. Both teams have equal chances to win this match

Newcastle vs Leicester City Prediction

Total 108 matches were played. 54 were played in Newcasytle and 54 in City. Newcastle won 36 matches In Newcastle and city won 7 matches in Newcastle. Newcastle won 10 matches in City and City won 30 matches in City.What will be the position now in Barclays premier league Predictions. 11 matches were drawn at New Castle and 14 matches were drawn at City. NEWCASTLE did 105 goals at NewCastle and 69 at City. City did 63 goals at Newcastle and 69 at City. So New Castle is more favorite due to its more goals in head to head matches.

Burnley FC vs West Ham (WH) Prediction

Total 76 matches were played. 38 were played in FC and 38 in WH. FC won 23 matches In FC and WH won 5 matches in FC. FC won 8 matches in WH and WH won 23 matches in WH. 10 matches were drawn at FC and 7 matches were drawn at WH. FCdid 87 goals at FC and 49 at WH. WH did 52 goals at FC and 75 at WH. West Ham can win this match because it has renowned players at the present time.

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea Prediction

Total 35 matches were played. 18 were played in Palace and 17 in Chelsea. Palace won 5 matches In Palace and Chelsea won 7 matches in Palace. Palace won 1 matches in Chelsea and Chelsea won 8 matches in Chelsea. 6 matches were drawn at Palace and 8 matches were drawn at Chelsea. Palace did 16 goals at Palace and 16 at Chelsea. Chelsea did 22 goals at Palace and 31 at Chelsea. Hopefully Chelsea will win the match easily.

Arsenal vs Hull City Prediction

Total 13 matches were played. 7 were played in Arsenal and 6 in city. Arsenal won 5 matches In Arsenal and City won 1 matches in Arsenal. Arsenal won 5 matches in City and City won 1 matches in City. 1 match was drawn at Arsenal and 0 matches were drawn at City. Arsenal did 13 goals at Arsenal and 12 at City. City did 4 goals at Arsenal and 5 at City. Arsenal is quite favorite because Arsenal has Ozil, james etc. These opponents are expected to perform well in this Barclays premier league Predictions

Everton vs Aston Villa Prediction

Total 200 matches were played. 101 were played in Everton and 99 in Villa. Everton won 47 matches In Everton and Villa won 26 matches in Everton. Everton won 27 matches in Villa and Villa won 47 matches in Villa. 28 matches were drawn at Everton and 25 matches were drawn at Villa. Everton did 181 goals at Everton and 132 at Villa. Villa did 127 goals at Everton and 182 at Villa. Both teams are equally supported because both had many head to head clashes and result almost remained equal.

Barclays Premier League
Barclays Premier League

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