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Real Fingerprint Unlocker For Android Smartphones : Good News

Real Fingerprint Unlocker For Android Smartphones

Real Fingerprint Unlocker for android Smartphones : All Android phones Real Fingerprint Unlocker for android is the best app and this is ever best news for all peoples who use android phones . Mostly you all need to buy costly phones for fingerprint sensor but this amazing app let’s you lock any thing you want with your fingerprint even in cheap ...

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Google Will Help You To Choose Perfect Android For you

Google which phone help for android

Hi guys today we’re going to discuss that how “Google Will Help You To Choose Perfect Android For you “. This is very great step from google’s android to choose perfect phone for us . Mostly we get confused in too much phones that which phone will fulfill our requirements but now worry time is over due to google. So now ...

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Stylish Post or Status Facebook Trick

Facebook Stylish fonts and texts for Status Hi guys , Today i’m going to share a secret about your favorite social network platform Facebook. Many times I’ve seen the beautiful and stylish written Facebook status on my friends wall and others also but as you all know when someone know any kind of trick they try to become more valuable ...

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How to send message to blocked Facebook friend

How to send message to blocked Facebook friend

Hi folks , Today i’m going to share a trick with you that if any of your friend blocks you or message option is hidden from his/her timeline than what you should do. You want to poke him/her and want friendship with them. So the start up is so tough and rough. But after reading this trick you will be ...

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Fast and easily set alarm using Siri on iPhone

Iphone Siri command

Hi guys , Today i’m going to share a trick with you by which you will really feel comfortable with your iPhone, iPad and you’ll be satisfied by this command in such a way that you paid your bucks on the right place and right device by Apple. According to a fact deduced by the scientists that we all are lazy ...

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How to check hidden friend list on Facebook trick

Hidden friend list facebook

Hi folks , In this topic today i’m going to show you an amazing way to see that any one is betraying you or cheating on you / fooling you . Most of the relations now a days have some rules which both should follow otherwise they go toward break up and end up there so after today you’ll never ...

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How to see all sent requests on facebook trick

Facebook Sent friend request

Hi guys , Today i’m going to tell you that how to send too much friend request without getting blocked by Facebook. All the free peoples always keep moving around on the Facebook and nearly 90% of friend requests are sent in Facebook to the unknown peoples . Most of guys or girls try to get their Boy friend or ...

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Face scan to unlock your laptop windows or Mac

Hi guys , Still you all are using that old way to unlock your computer which is too much tough and in these days of technology we all college boys and girls are also too much tired after talking with their loved one’s whole night and day. So we can’t even type the pass word or use the bio-metric fingerprint ...

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How to recover water damaged phone easily

Recover cell phone water damaged

Hi guys , Nearly today we all have a cell phones and no one is perfect so every one do the mistakes and one of the great mistake we do is some times we forget our cell phone and a kid pour it into the water . Once this happened to me that i was going to college and i ...

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How to loud your smart phone music sound

Loud up the sound of smart phone

Hello guys , I hope you all are fine today and thanks for your love to the tricks of my site . This is the trick to amplify up or loud up the sound of your smart phone because today’s cell phone of all the better and precious companies and nearly all android phones so that phones suck up the ...

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