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Iphone Siri command
Iphone Siri command

Fast and easily set alarm using Siri on iPhone

Hi guys ,

Today i’m going to share a trick with you by which you will really feel comfortable with your iPhone, iPad and you’ll be satisfied by this command in such a way that you paid your bucks on the right place and right device by Apple. According to a fact deduced by the scientists that we all are lazy in this complement I’m not including any one specific from any age or any group. Both the women and men have the same characteristic inside them because most of the peoples who enjoy on the parents money are lazy . Excluding all I’m one of the big lazy and if I want to sleep then i don’t care for any one or anything. So in this condition many times we forget our important meeting and business contracts , office time , college or school time and this all is due to our bad schedule of sleeping but if you have the great iPhone then you don’t need to be worry for your schedule because it’ll set up alarm automatically for you in lazy way . As bill-gates said that I choose lazy peoples for the hard task because they always try to find the short way to do that and in this way they discover more interesting and amazing things.

This trick is for every iPhone in which you have Siri and you also have the option of Alarm. So by this Easily set alarm using Siri on iPhone  you’re never going to miss any other important scheduled task again

By this trick you’ll be able to instantly and easily set up the alarm in an interesting way not the boring way to access the clock and then setup the alarm and calculate time etc . After learning this way you’ll never need to worry or regret that why didn’t you awake for that meeting or any time which you’re scheduled with you boy friend / girl friend also . Because if you’ll be there at time then you can also have more trust by your loved one . Now i’m going to describe below the way to Easily set alarm using Siri on iPhone

Steps to Set alarm in Iphone with Siri 

        •  To set the alarm first of all the thing you need is your iPhone with the working internet connection
        • You don’t need any specific internet connect you can use 2G network or 3G network you have , If you have 4G then it’s really better
        • Now after enabling internet you need to open up the Siri
        • To get the Siri working you need to hold and press the Home button for some time until it come with a message ” What can I help you with?” on your screen .
        • After this message came bring your phone near to your mouth and it’ll display the variations of your voice some time it don’t works in the loud areas of traffic noise or factory machinery noise.
        • Then to Easily set alarm using Siri on iPhone you just need to speak up this magical command that ” Wake me up in 3 hours “
        • This is just the example of 3 hours you can change it and you can set it up as per your requirement when ever you want you iPhone to wake you up
        • Now you’ve successfully set up the alarm on your iPhone using Siri and now you’re not lazy due to your iPhone . After this trick you can take a nap without having any worry.
iPhone Siri command

iPhone Siri command

Thanks for reading this trick I hope you all will be able to do this without any worry so share it with your friend who always late in school or in love .

If you have any problem or suggestion regarding this trick the you can contact me with comment without any hassle.

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