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New Zealand vs South Africa Preview, Prediction – Semi Final Cricket WC 2015 – 24th Mar

New Zealand vs South Africa Prediction Cricket World Cup 2015

New Zealand vs South Africa Cricket World Cup Prediction – 2015 – 24th Mar. NZ vs RSA ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Semi Final Match Predictions at Eden Park, Auckland. ICC Cricket World Cup Predictions.

New Zealand vs South Africa Weather report, World Cup 2015 Toss prediction RSA vs NZ, Who will win today NZ vs RSA Semi Final WC 2015 Prediction Perfect , 24th Mar 2015 Prediction World Cup 2015 Winner.

Must see this Prediction


After this detail analysis of the match and pitch and both teams we’ve analysed a great predictions that who will win.

South Africa team have 80% chances to win the match.

According to our Astrology Calculations.

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Toss Prediction

As you all know predicts well and perfect. So you can see the prediction of the match and after astrological prediction + some calculations we have deduced that New Zealand team will win the toss and choose to bat first.


1st semi-final of the world cup 2015 is going to be played tomorrow between New Zealand and South Africa. New Zealand and South Africa both have qualified for the semi-final so these are the tough teams. One important thing, you might have noticed that semi-finals are not like ordinary matches. In normal matches, one team can be weak while other can be strong.

This results as the one sided match. So semi-finals are not one sided. Reason is that both teams have qualified to this stage after a lot of hard work. Both teams are strong enough who have beaten other teams and have made their way to this level. So match of tomorrow is going to be very interesting. No one can predict the exact winner. Both the teams have the capability to qualify for the final. The team who will win the tomorrow’s match will be left with only one match more to become the world champion of cricket.

All the teams always have this wish to become world champion. Now we analyze both the teams critically. All of you know that this world cup is being host by the New Zealand and Australia. Both teams have qualified for the semi-finals. In fact, New Zealand has worked very hard to be at this position where it is right now because it has arranged the world cup tournament and if it wouldn’t have qualified to this level, its nation would have cursed it. South Africa has the one problem. It always uses to choke in all the big tournaments and trophies. Same is the case for the world cups. South Africa has never won the cricket world cup, although it has qualified for the semi-finals multiple times.

Reason is unknown. It has all the capabilities. It has the bowling as well as strong batting since start. The most probable reason that comes to mind of their inability to win the world cup is their hard luck. But this time, South Africa has qualified after reasonable victories. These victories are enough to justify that South Africa is the good choice to win this world cup.

But this time in the semi-final, South Africa has to face the New Zealand. New Zealand is the best team of the tournament so far. New Zealand has remained as the unbeaten team in this tournament throughout. New Zealand has even beaten the Australia, the second strong team. New Zealand is the choice of good analysts. New Zealand has the advantage and edge of its home ground etc.

New Zealand Stats

From now onwards, New Zealand has to play both the matches (if it wins the tomorrow’s semi-final) with fully control over its senses. I’d recommend that it should come up with new strategic plan. New players shouldn’t be tried in this match.

South Africa Stats

South Africa doesn’t have this first time to be in semi-final. But is will be first time if it wins this world cup. It can win the match only if works very hard and play the match with excellent and sensible captaincy.

South Africa vs New Zealand Semi Final Predictions
South Africa vs New Zealand Semi Final Predictions

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