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Olympic Bench Press
Olympic Bench Press

Olympic Weight Bench

Olympic Weight Bench

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Just a single thing is needed which is Olympic Bench Press. A physical exertion done to acquire strength and fitness, performed in gyms and fitness centers so prepare your body and go to the gym. Basically a weight bench’s purpose of using is to strengthen the muscles of chest, the triceps and shoulder muscles too. Visit to take proper care of your health after working out and exercising.

Olympic Bench Press

Olympic Bench Press

Types of Bench Press

  • Standard bench press
  • Olympic bench press

Comparison between Standard Bench Press and Olympic Bench Press

Standard bench press
  • Usually no high quality
  • Smaller footprint
  • Increased variability of standard equipment
  • Ideal for the home-gym users
  • Smaller in size
  • Lighter way
  • Less expensive
  • Used with standard bar (exercise bars)
  • 5 to 6 feet long
  • Have uprights (where the bar is held)
  • Narrow uprights
Olympic Bench Press
  • Sturdy
  • More expensive
  • Used with Olympic bars of around 45 pounds weight
  • 7 feet in length
  • The ends are revolving
  • Wider Uprights

Why the Olympic Bench Press and Standard Bench Press are prepared for?

Usually they both have the same purpose, there are just few things by which they both

can be differentiated. The first one is using the standard bar with the standard bench and using the Olympic bar with an Olympic bench. Actually, the types of benches are dependent on the types of bars you are using. Learn more about how to gain muscle and tips on bodybuilding.

Why say YES to Olympic bar and NO to Standard bar?

Olympic bar is used to support Olympic Weightlifting as well as powerlifting, and if we

Consider its size, it helps in loading more weight, even more than 15000 pounds.

Cons of Olympic Weight Bench

In Olympic Bench, the end are revolving and that’s the main reason they demand more care, more manufacturing and engineering and this thing becomes the reason for increase in its cost as compared to the cost of Standard bench, as Standard bars are generally less in expense.

Which to select? Standard or Olympic?

Its all your choice! Get Olympic Weight Bench only if it is affordable to you, otherwise go for the Standard bench, as its just a foot or two shorter as compared to the Olympic bench. And keep in mind the space as well, where you have to get that bench and place it for use. Make sure the spare is enough for it to be placed and doesn’t make the area congested.

Why Olympic Bench is preferable?  

  • They have incline, decline and flat bench positions
  • They also have leg lifts, the lat tower and the preacher curl attachments.
  • The frame is built of heavy duty steel frame which makes it more stable and long lasting.
  • It has a built-in squad rack and an Olympic weight plate adapter.
  • It measures 88*83*60 inches (W*H*D)
  • For performing various workouts or exercises, the weight clutch is there which can be set and adjusted to many different positions, where as it also has a six-roll leg developer, which is best to target your hamstrings, your quads and hip-flexors.
  • It has an already built in plate which is used to balance and manage the weights or for the organization of weights.
  • The seats are enough comfy to carry out workouts.
  • A really special thing that comes with this is an exercise chart, which is designed by a person who is well trained in this field and is certified and professional, and the chart is really helpful to identify and record the calories which are burnt.
  • It also contains a handout which is filled with step by step instructions to perform the exercises and also has safety measures written down on it.

Types of Olympic Benches available in market

  • Yukon Commercial Olympic Bench
  • Yukon Commercial Incline Olympic Bench
  • Yukon Commercial Decline Olympic Bench
  • Yukon Commercial Olympic Shoulder Press
  • XM-4424 Olympic Weight Bench
  • Valor Fitness BF-52 Olympic Bench
  • Power Center Olympic Combo Weight Bench
  • Muscle Inc Combo Olympic Bench
  • Bench with Detachable Uprights
  • Valor BF-38 FID Olympic Bench
  • X-Mark BF-48 Olympic Weight Bench
  • Yukon Big Bean FID Olympic Weight Bench
  • BF-47 Independent Olympic Weight Bench

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