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Why Barclay’s is mostly watched League

Barclay's premier league

Many different countries started their football leagues. Among all those league, one league became more famous and got more spectators. This league earned more profit and with time, it got more famous. This league is no other, this is Barclays. England use to organize the English Premier League. This English Premier league is generally sponsored by international Bank “Barclays” so ...

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Barclays premier league fixtures | schedule – predictions | preview 18th Oct 2014

Barclays Premier League

Barclays premier league Preview – predictions Man City vs Tottenham Prediction Total 136 matches were played. 69 were played in City and 67 in Tottenham. Man won 35 matches In Man City and Tottenham won 19 matches in City. Man won 17 matches in Tottenham and Tottenham won 33 matches in Tottenham. 15 matches were drawn at Man City and 17 matches ...

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