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West Indies vs UAE Predictions
West Indies vs UAE Predictions

West Indies vs UAE Preview, Prediction – Cricket World Cup 2015 – 15th Mar

West Indies vs UAE Prediction Cricket World Cup 2015

West Indies vs UAE Cricket World Cup Prediction – 2015 – 15th Mar. UAE vs WI ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 41st ODI Match Predictions at McLean Park, Napier. ICC Cricket World Cup Predictions.

UAE vs West Indies Weather report, World Cup 2015 Toss prediction WI vs UAE, Who will win today UAE vs WI 41st Match WC 2015 Prediction Perfect , 15th Mar 2015 Prediction World Cup 2015 Winner.


As per our calculations and astrological prediction Today West Indies team will have 70% chances to win the match.

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Toss Prediction

Today according to our calculations. UAE team will win the toss and choose to bat first.


Yesterday, second match was between England VS Afghanistan. I will say that yesterday, match was played between two teams of equal level. England doesn’t have any more self-respect than Afghanistan. It doesn’t have any value more than the Afghanistan because both are knocked out. England and Afghanistan had the match just for formality. England although won it and it should win it. England has no more chance to play any more match. England lost the match yesterday. Even a team like Bangladesh beat the team England and Bangladesh had qualified for the quarter final. I would say that England should play qualifying rounds in next world cup.

New Zealand and Australia are the favorites for this world cup. Tomorrow, match will be played between West Indies and UAE. West Indies has the last chance to qualify. If West Indies wins the match, it will have a chance to qualify for the quarter final. West Indies will then be dependent on its run rate. Competition between loser of Pakistan VS Ireland and West Indies will take place. Then qualifier will be decided on the basis of the run rate. West Indies has the bad run rate as well. West Indies VS UAE will be played first tomorrow.

Then Ireland and Pakistan will have the information that through how many runs, it should win or lose the match to qualify for the quarter final. I would like to see Pakistan and Ireland in the matches of quarter finals because both teams have really worked hard. Match against the UAE is very easy because It is the team who hadn’t won a single match in this cup. UAE is the weaker team of this pool. Tomorrow, two matches are being played. Important match is between India and Zimbabwe.

Both teams have this last match. Zimbabwe is out of the tournament, while India is at first and is in the quarter finals. India will face the Bangladesh in the quarter finals. Today, Zimbabwe has given the very graceful target against such a strong team like India. India should win this match and it will certainly win. India will also make the record like New Zealand of being the unbeaten team of the tournament in the pool matches. India actually deserves and it doesn’t have lack. West Indies has the do and die match tomorrow. Even if West Indies wins the match tomorrow, then also it is not sure that whether it will qualify or not.

West Indies Stats

One should try its best and doesn’t worry about the next thing that will happen. Same is the case with West Indies. West Indies should win the match tomorrow and shouldn’t be worried about the run rate. It should try to win the match with so clear margin as possible. West Indies has the maximum chance of winning this match.

UAE Stats

UAE will have the pressure of West Indies because the way it beat the Pakistan was enough for West Indies to be remembered by other teams.

West Indies vs UAE Predictions

West Indies vs UAE Predictions

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