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Working tips to get maximum bandwidth on Utorrent

Hi folks ,

Low speed reasons :

Today I’ve came to know About this latest and working way to get the maximum bandwidth of your connection to your torrents and this is just simple but not yet revealed on internet by any genius but I decided to share it with you so that you can enjoy your internet also and get maximum speed on Torrent when idle or that you’re not using the PC and when you’ll use your internet like I do enjoy Facebook with light music to enjoy whenever i come back from office but i love to download movies because this gives me some fun to do in life after all the hard work and i also download heavy GB’s games but this all is really easy by just having 2 MB bandwidth or 4 MB bandwidth I’ve used this both and we can download any thing by just in short time of the day and you never need to worry about that speed will become 2 KB/s  when you’ll leave the connection idle . So here’s the question how ? So today this trick will solve every of your problem . And some times when I had 1 MB/s connection it was really bad time of my life whenever I wanted to download torrents that sucked up my speeds so that i can’t even browse through internet . Whenever i try to open Facebook or any website it just loads loads and loads nothing more and more than this I also got just 5-6 KB/s on the torrent .

Possiblities :

So the question arose where the speed was sucked up that I’m also unable to get maximum speed on torrent and I can’t even browse . Then after wasting a lot of time i just captured a bug which was doing all this was the upload speed because ISP’s provide us with the low uploading speeds and all the bandwidth of connection was being sucked up by the uploading speed on the torrent .

Wrong speed up cheats :

Many of peoples may be tried the software cheat engine it’s not never speed up your torrent speed it’s just the software which can control the clock speed of the processor and this is too much damage full for the data and it is just a cheat of many peoples which don’t works at all

Steps to get maximum speed :

  • First of all go to any torrent site and search for the required torrent
  • Then open up the torrent by clicking on it and it’ll start downloading . This is the daily thing that we do in the normal routing . So in the next step I’ll show you the key to get maximum speed
  • The main problem is some of the torrents are low number of seeders . Seeds means the sharer’s of that file of the torrent on the internet. So the speed also depends on the number of seeders that how many of them are sharing the file on internet that you want to download to your computer.
  • Before downloading the torrent first see their seeders and this is normally given on every site from which you’re downloading the torrent. The more number of seeder’s of the torrent the more speed you’ll get.
  • Then open up the torrent windows and then select all the torrent and then right click on the selected torrent’s as shown below

    Properties of torrent's
    Properties of torrent’s
  •  Then after this sort out the real problem the uploading speed suck out the bandwidth of your connection so reduce the uploading speed by just this simple trick watch this image below
    Upload speed set
    Upload speed set

    So guys we’re all set and now you can enjoy full speed on your torrent and if you’ve still any furthur problem then you can comment and it’ll be apprectiated and your problem about “Working tips to get maximum bandwidth on Utorrent” will be solved 🙂

Malik Humza Yunas
Malik Humza Yunas
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