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2nd ODI: Australia vs South Africa – Prediction, Highlights – 2014 – 16th Nov

Australia vs South Africa 2nd ODI

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Australia and South Africa had many head to head matches in between them. Matches were played in different countries. 67 ODI matches were played. These matches were played in different regions. Out of 67, South Africa won only 28 matches and lost 36 matches. 3 matches were tied and 0 match had no result. In other words, success rate for South Africa is only 41.79%. In short, Australia won more matches as compared to South Africa. But the difference is not very large because almost both teams won equal no. of matches.  Australia has many extra ordinary players who can lead the team towards the victory. Some players also play leagues like IPL and BPL.

Pitch report

This match is going to be held in ground of W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth, Australia. So let’s review the stats of all the previous teams played in this ground.

  • The Highest scores in this ground are 343 by Australia team against New Zealand on 28th Jan 2007.
  • Highest scores successfully chased in this ground are 274 by Pakistan team against Australia on 2nd Jan 1987 .
  • Team won bowling first here are 33 matches
  • Teams won 37 matches batting first here.

Weather report

The weather forecasters reported that weather will be fine whole the time and Will give all the players opportunity perform their best according to their performance. Today is the best performance any team can give here in this ground due to best weather conditions. So that they can become king again.

Australia vs South Africa Prediction

All this is already discussed in the previous match and according to more power of Australia after this much victories is matches they’re more strong. So they have still 80% winning chances in this match.

Head to head ODI matches

Total matches played between these two team are 84

Australia team won One Day International matches 43

South Africa team won One Day International matches 38

The matches abandoned or not played are 3

Australia team

Australia is such a good and nice team. He has players of every kind who can play at different positions. Australian players have outstanding fielding. Fielding is consider as the most important part of the match because poor fielding causes extra runs. That runs are actually not the due to capability of batsmen but are due to failure of fielder. It puts the team into the pressure. Player can’t concentrate on the bowling. All team goes under pressure and can’t perform well.  Australia doesn’t have any problem. Australia is quite good with fielding. All Australian players are good fielders. Some batsmen and bowlers are discussed here. Doherty is the amazing spinner. He is such new rising young bowler. He has a good move in his ball. He is considered as the best spinner of present team of Australia. He generally moves the ball in his own way. He takes wickets of many important batsmen. Christian is another pacer. He is younger than other pacers of Australia like Johnson. He almost takes 1-2 wickets in every ODI match and doesn’t give much score. Aaron Finch is the good, sensible and responsible player. He has good sixth sense. He has made victory possible for Australia for more than 4-5 times. Maxwell is the great player. He is the batsman as well as the bowler. He has played many matches for the team. Australia does have very good coaching. Besides this, Australia trainers, diet are good and better than many teams. Australia has proper trainers who train the players properly and make them physically fit. Besides this, many stamina boosting drinks and medicine are given to the players to improve their health.

Australia vs South Africa 2nd ODI
Australia vs South Africa 2nd ODI

South Africa team

South Africa didn’t play well in the T20 series as compared to Australia. Many player did disappoint the world. South Africa also doesn’t have fielding now like Johnty Rhodes who was considered as the best fielder of the world. South Africa also has some good and efficient players. J.P Duminy is the all-rounder. He is one of the senior player of the National team. He has played many matches for South Africa and is quite fit in the team. He is the spinner and quite efficient bowler. Imran Tahir is the Muslim bowler. He is from South Africa. His swing is famous. Once he injured his own wicket keeper Mark Boucher due to his extra ordinary deceiving swing. South Africa can still win the match if they go for like 300 or so because Australia has many good players to achieve this target. Mclaren is not as such old player but a sensible and heighted player. He almost take a wicket for Africa but he is score stopping bowler. David Miller is another hard-hitter. He can play moderate as well as fast. He is the fastest player of Africa like De Villiers. South Africa will have to work very hard to win this match otherwise Australia is going crush South Africa.

Australia vs South Africa 2nd ODI
Australia vs South Africa 2nd ODI
Time of starting

Greenwich mean time : 3:20 AM (GMT)

Australia Standard time : 2:20 PM (AEDT)

South Africa Standard time : 5:20 AM (SAST)

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