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Earthquake 2015: The reasons and facts behind earthquakes !

earthquake 2015

Earthquake 2015 A 7.5 magnitude earthquake was struck in South Asia on October 26, 2015. It was felt in Pakistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, India, China and Afghanistan earthquake 2015. Almost 370 people died and according to some report almost 250 people died in Pakistan, 115 died in Afghanistan and rest of the people who died, are from Indian occupied Kashmir (Amount ...

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Valentine 2015 Greetings

Valentine Day 2015 Greetings

Valentine 2015 What is valentine , Who was Valentine , Love birds meet on Valentine , How to purpose my girl friend , how to purpose my boy friend on Valentine , How to gift Flower on Valentine day 2015 What is Valentines day and who was Saint Valentine The day that adhere to one of the most beautiful of ...

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See emitting signal phenomena of any remote

Remote signal emitter

Hi folks , Today i’m going to tell you a secret which you’ve surely never known before this . Every one has a TV or AC in their home and many other home electric appliances which need a remote to Operate it. If you see an insight view of the remote on the facing side for example we are using ...

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Blood Moon

Blood moon

As today we all are aware from the word phenomenon     “happening of any unusual and strange thing” In ancient times people just got afraid of phenomenon.they were not having enough knowledge and were not aware of phenomenology think the unusual happenings dangerous and got afraid of them.But today we all know that strange things happen and they are called phenomena ...

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