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Remote signal emitter
Remote signal emitter

See emitting signal phenomena of any remote

Hi folks ,

Today i’m going to tell you a secret which you’ve surely never known before this . Every one has a TV or AC in their home and many other home electric appliances which need a remote to Operate it. If you see an insight view of the remote on the facing side for example we are using a TV remote then it’s emitter face should be toward the TV and then it emits a IR rays from it and from the normal eyes we’re unable to see that rays but after reading this post you all will be able to see this light that how it’s emitting 🙂


How to See the emitting ray :

  • First of all take up any remote in your hand that remote can be of any appliance  TV , Air conditioner , Owen etc .
  • Then take up any digital camera or switch on your cell phone camera.
  • Facing site of the remote should be toward your camera
  • Then after all this you have to press up any button and then it through camera you’ll see this emitting ray or signal by this magic trick

Hope you all will enjoy ” See emitting signal phenomena of any remote” this if you’ve never seen this before

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Remote signal emitter

Remote signal emitter

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