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Valentine 2015 Greetings

Valentine 2015

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What is Valentines day and who was Saint Valentine

The day that adhere to one of the most beautiful of all human relationships, LOVE!

14th Feb, The day that celebrates LOVE! Everything has a history and so has this day.

The day is commemorated in the memory of a Roman Saint, named Valentine, who was

imprisoned for performing the weddings of soldiers who were forbidden to marry. In Europe, “Saint Valentine Keys” are gifted to the people who love each other. It is actually the celebration of love and affection. Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place and lucky are those who are loved and cared for.

Valentines day is not as special for all as its for you

Besides all these family love and happy couple talks, the media who is setting the mind sets of people as the Valentines day is considered a day for true lovers, have led people believe this day is the main event, and if you are alone on Valentines day, you are unloved! There is no wrong in wishing to spend this day with a loved one but for a moment think about the rest of the people for whom this day is not heartwarming but its heart rending,  there are teenagers who are single, the people who were tied in a knot but they broke up few days back, the husband and wife who got separated because of family issues, the widow who’s husband died a week ago in a car accident, the lady who got divorced because her in-laws wanted her to work as a maid in the house, the girl who was in a relationship for ages, and her boyfriend ditched him over another girl who stepped in his life just 2 days ago. Valentines day for such people is heart-rending, traumatic and distressing. The thing that they should keep in mind is a person’s worth comes from who they are, not who they are with! They should remember that they are not alone, there are many other people like them who are going through exactly the same phase, and who are moving on, who are looking for the brighter aspects of their lives, who are willing to make their past, THE PAST! And they believe that everything that happens is for a reason.

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Why and how is this day celebrated?

Many people around the world find this day best to convey and express their feelings of love and affection to the people they really are keen on. On valentines day, many of the restaurants, hotels and shopping centers are decorated in such an alluring way. There are hundreds of families who plan the wedding dates as 14th Feb to make their life memorable. Valentines day spreads love, and love makes life perfect, it has the ability to heal the broken hearts, to bring back smile on the faces who cried, to make someone feel special for who they are, to put hope in someone’s hearts who’s hearts caused nothing but endless days of pain by telling them that someone somewhere is praying for their long life.

As Anais Nin said “Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent,

protects you from age” , So one can clearly understand who much salient is the

valentines day for many people who love each other.

Is this day just for the twosome?

On the other hand, love is not just for twosome, love reclines everywhere, in every relationship. Consider the people in your life who you love and who love you back.

On valentines day, make everyone feel loved, tell each and every person in your life

what their importance is in your life and how badly everything will fall apart if you ever

lost them. Because sometimes, in life, we should stop waiting to get an opportunity to express our feelings to someone we really love as sometimes opportunities are lost

in the blink of an eye. So, people find this day really important as this is the best day to grab a chance and tell someone that they mean the whole world to you. Real lovers do something unique on every valentines day, like going out to eat on valentines day, writing love notes telling how much they value the company of each other, making photo collages for each other, including all the pictures of their passed years since they are together, gifting chocolates, flowers, having candle light dinners and making greeting cards for each other just because these little things can be of size able importance to the people who really love each other. If you are looking for the homemade porn videos then visit today for the best HD homemade porn  collection.  The camera angles in this porn video are up close and personal. Gia and Owen have a magnetic chemistry with endless energy to give. She is pinning for his touch even though he hasn’t taken his attention off of her for even a second.

What Robert Fulghum said about true love:

“We are all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it love, true love!”.


Things to do for your loved ones

For the people you love, this day is the exact one to speak up your mind infront of them! Being a husband, tell your wife that she is actually your strength and on whatever high post you are, its because of her support. On this day, thank your husband for all the luxuries he is providing you, thank him for believing on you that you are the perfect one who can handle the house, tell your fiancé that getting wed with him/her will make your life more beautiful than is was before.Valentines day also give people an opportunity to make some time from their busy lives and tell how much their family, their siblings, their friends and cousins mean to them because they are actually the people we have seen much of our life and the people we have grown up with, the people who know us like the back of their hands, and still stood with us in all the ups and downs of our life. On valentines day, gift something special to you mom, make her feel that you still love and value her sacrifices which she has faced in making you who you are today, a phone call to you dad will be great, making him feel that you still need his advises to take decisions in life no matter how much you have grown up, your daughter would appreciate flowers as much as any lover would, spending time with your son watching a football match will make him realize that he still have got someone in the family to accompany him.


Significance of RED rose on Valentines

Red rose is considered to be the symbol of love, and they have been the most popular flowers in the world and so it is of great importance, specially for the people who adore each other, they select RED roses because they believe that the RED color have the power of conveying feelings to the other person and red roses are the symbol of love and beauty. They are sold and bought in great amount on that day and is known as “The flower of love.”

Valentine day rose
Valentine day rose

 Things to do with love one’s on Valentine 2015

Movies worth watching on Valentines day


-A walk to remember

-The notebook

-Love actually

-The best of me

-The fault in our stars

-It happened one night

-An affair to remember

-The vow

-The proposal

-P.S I Love you

-Love story

-In the mood for love

-While you were sleeping

Gifts on Valentine

Gifts for HER

-A box filled with chocolates

-A bouquet of red roses

-A heart-shaped locket with her name carved on it

-A red dress to wear on valentines

– A teddy bear saying I love you

-A coffee mug with her picture on it

-A ring




-romantic novel

-clothing and accessories

Gifts for her on Valentine 2015

Valentine Gifts for her 2015
Valentine Gifts for her 2015

Gifts for HIM

-A leather wallet

-A ‘Moon and back’ key-ring


-An engraved message bracelet

-A ‘Hello handsome’ mug

-‘Be my valentine’ typography mug

-A branded watch

-A t-shirt with his picture

-Cook for him

-Write him a poem

-Make a play-list for him

-Make a valentine greeting card

Gifts for him on Valentine 2015
Gifts for him on Valentine 2015

Decorate room with these things to make your loved one feel more special:

-Heart self-inflate balloons

-Votive candles

-Red paper lanterns

-Red hear shaped floating candles

-Red fringe door curtain

-Peppermint hanging fans assortments

-Red and silver heart confetti

-Smile heart self innate balloons

-A valentine banner

-Red rose heart wreath

-Valentine water globe

-Heart shaped vases

-Conversation heart garlands

-Inspirational valentine door border

-Valentine puppy statue

-Valentine mustache mug

-Heart stones

Decorations Ideas for Valentine 2015
Decorations Ideas for Valentine 2015

Best desserts to cook for your homie:

-Valentine sandwich cookies

-Cheese cake

-Strawberry custard

-Angel delight

-Orange cheese-cake mousse

-Engaging heart cookies

-Chocolate truffles

– Valentine raspberry cake

-Chocolate passion bowl

-Chocolate cupcakes

Cream puffs

-Cream filled strawberries


-Eclair cookies

-Chocolates scones

-Chunky chocolate gobs

-Black forest trifles

Cooking for Valentine 2015
Cooking for Valentine 2015

Valentines getaway ideas:

-Reserve a hotel room


-Long drive

-A well-decorated restaurant

-A park

-Shopping mall


-The place where you first met

Valentine Get away Ideas 2015
Valentine Get away Ideas 2015

The dos and don’ts on Valentines day


-Don’t waste the day dragging your boy to the shopping mall!

-Be ready exactly on the time you gave your boy to pick you up!

-Don’t make him wait outside your beauty salon!

-At least on valentines, don’t make him hold your shopping bags!

-Do not argue!

-Do not make issue of the petty things!

-Do tell your boy how much he mean to you!

-Do not pull a long face while being with him, just smile!

-Do not discuss the stories of your friends, cousins and relatives!

-Discuss HIM!

-Buy him tickets to a sports event

-Make a classic card for him

Do this on Valentine 2015
Do this on Valentine 2015


-Don’t tell her who won in the last night’s football match!

-Tell her that she is beautiful!

-Take her for dinner at a perfect place!

-Don’t take the phone call of any of your friends when she is with you!

-Make her laugh!

-Do not complain even if she is wrong!

-Ask her to take a selfie of both of you!

– Take her to a movie!

-Be appreciative!

-Buy her a makeup kit!

-Whatever you say, just be REAL!

Valentine Gifts for Girls 2015
Valentine Gifts for Girls 2015


Valentines day around the globe

Valentines day is celebrated in different ways at different countries, few are good at promoting it, like America, Britain, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Scotland etc. People living in foreign countries celebrate Valentines day with so many preparations and excitement, people hangout, plan parties, night-outs, dinners, dance, romance and make their day as memorable as they can. But as compared to the western countries, Valentines day is usually celebrated in lesser extent in Muslim countries like Saudia Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Bahrain because their culture does not allow them for such events, still the young generation is influenced by media and they are adopting this day too, to some extent.

Bring an upward curve on the sad faces

Where Valentines Day make couples to love their life, it also give reasons to the single people to hate their lives. As they are tired of being imperfect, that no one wants to be in a relationship with them, no one wants to get tied to them, no one wants to send marriage proposals to them, they are sick of faking smiles, they are tired of their life which has no meaning when there is no one to hold their hand and tell them that they are their everything! What about the feelings of those people? The only thing that they do on Valentines is to see the happy couples, and regret, cry, and many of them wish to die, anxiety fills up their brains and they start losing their confidence. So the best thing we can do on this day is not to forget the single people but to make them feel that we are with them, Life is not about relationship and marriages only, make them realize that they, as being our siblings, as being as relatives, as being our colleagues, as being our friends, are loved because the main purpose of this day is to value and tell the people around you what they mean to you and to spread love everywhere…  So be the one who heals, not the one who hurts! Happy Valentines

Smile on Valentine Tips 2015
Smile on Valentine Tips 2015

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