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How to Preserve Eggs for a long period of time

Hi guys , Today we will discuss that how to prevent the newly laid eggs from rotting. Because mostly we need to preserve eggs when...

How Many Calories In Banana | Nutrition facts and benefits

How Many Calories In Banana Banana is well articulated and most widely relished fruit throughout the world. Every person including gymnasts, athletes, children, adults and...


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Earthquake 2015: The reasons and facts behind earthquakes !

Earthquake 2015 A 7.5 magnitude earthquake was struck in South Asia on October 26, 2015. It was felt in Pakistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, India, China and...

Valentine 2015 Greetings

Valentine 2015 What is valentine , Who was Valentine , Love birds meet on Valentine , How to purpose my girl friend , how to...

See emitting signal phenomena of any remote

Hi folks , Today i'm going to tell you a secret which you've surely never known before this . Every one has a TV or...

Blood Moon

As today we all are aware from the word phenomenon     “happening of any unusual and strange thing” In ancient times people just got afraid of...

Holiday Recipes

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is going on successfully these days. Every team wants to be champion this year and all are struggling to rank...

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