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Stylish Post or Status Facebook Trick

Facebook Stylish fonts and texts for Status

Hi guys ,

Today i’m going to share a secret about your favorite social network platform Facebook. Many times I’ve seen the beautiful and stylish written Facebook status on my friends wall and others also but as you all know when someone know any kind of trick they try to become more valuable mostly in cases of internet type of tricks like Facebook, Twitter or even simple internet websites. But as we always tried to share our best with you also. We’ll continue this every time and forever.

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How to make Facebook Stylish magic status

Here is the step by step guide for ” Stylish Post or Status Facebook Trick”

  1. You need to login to your Facebook account. To initialize the process of making a stylish post or status on your Facebook wall.
  2. After login you need to click on your name to access your Facebook wall.  In my case it is

    Facebook Stylish Status step 1
    Facebook Stylish Status step 1
  3. As you can see in the step 1 figure that Under Update status There is written “What’s on your mind?” There you can click and then you can Update your status as you like
  4. Now the main part of the trick is going to start . To Make stylish texts you need to go to site “Click on this link to go to” Magic Status

    Facebook Stylish Status step 2.
    Step 2
  5.  As you can see in the above figure of step 2 that you need to input the text in the upper box which you want to make as “Stylish Facebook Text” then after the in the Box below you’ll get output you desire.

    Facebook Stylish Status step 3.
    Step 3
  6.  In the figure above of step 3 you can see that there are many different option to stylize your Facebook status every time and make it more cool and beautiful.
  7. In the below step 3-a you can see the button to copy the text and update directly status from there . Now it’s up to you how you do this to your Facebook update.

    Facebook Stylish Status step 4
    Step 4
  8. In the figure above you can see other cool options to make you expert in front of your friends. So rock guys and make your Facebook status more rocking.

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Keep visiting here you’ll always get new knowledge tips and tricks. Share this trick to your loved one’s so that they can be thankful to you. Thank you guys . Hope you like ” Stylish Post or Status Facebook Trick”

Stylish Post or Status Facebook Trick
Stylish Post or Status Facebook Trick

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