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How to check hidden friend list on Facebook trick

Hi folks ,

In this topic today i’m going to show you an amazing way to see that any one is betraying you or cheating on you / fooling you . Most of the relations now a days have some rules which both should follow otherwise they go toward break up and end up there so after today you’ll never be betrayed by any one .

Your Girl friend / boy friend tells you that they are your’s and they don’t have anyone with you in their life but on Facebook they hide up their list and feel that they are secure by lying with you but you be smart and check their friend list stealthy so that you should come to know about their truth of life that they’re betraying you or no . This is just a little Facebook own tool to tell you the friend of the targeted profile .

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But that person he/she should have to be added in your friend list also to check their lies . This will be painful for you but this should happen before too much lies . Recently i had a girl friend she said that she’s mine Blah Blah but after that all when i came to know about the truth i was having too much pain because after a long time i got hurt deeper to become safe from that hurting you should come to know before she hides from you fool you by lying . Now my every girl friend never lie with me but she was special and she lied specially . This is the main thing which Hunted me

Steps to check hidden friend list :

  • First thing is to log in to your account
  • After log in you have to go to you profile
  • And then read the name of the victim or your Girl friend / boy friend carefully
  • After reading that keep it in the memory of your mind if you’re a genius
  • Then you should have to click on this (LINK) then after opening link you should have to fill out this field as shown below
Check hidden friend list
Check hidden friend list
  • Then after putting the victim name which you had memorized hit the enter button then on the left side you see the unknown peoples those peoples are from your that friend list.

Hope you all like it . Share it with your friend to have fun

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If you have any problem regarding this you can discuss below in the comments

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