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How to send message to blocked Facebook friend

Hi folks ,
Today i’m going to share a trick with you that if any of your friend blocks you or message option is hidden from his/her timeline than what you should do. You want to poke him/her and want friendship with them. So the start up is so tough and rough. But after reading this trick you will be easily able to send message to all of them. If you girlfriend’s angry with you and you want to text her after blocking. So that you can patch up again .

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In my general life every day i love with new one that’s why most of them got angry after my engagement ceremony then you all know we boys lie to them and then i was also unable to lie to them because they did blocked me and i was unable to text them then surprise is that i recovered most of my girl friend’s back . So the question is that how i got them back ? I sent them a message using trick ” How to send message to blocked Facebook friend “. After this they amazed that how i text them most of them were real girl friend’s of mind and others were just time pass. OK my experience teaches me this trick so as you all know i want every one who is legit and want to continue fooling their girl friend even after they block you. but now if she blocked you due to the misunderstanding created by your friend to her you can easily say that 😛

Oh my god i've been blocked
Oh my god i’ve been blocked

Now let’s start that ” How to send message to blocked Facebook friend

Steps to send message to blocked Facebook friend

  • First of all When ever you make a girl friend you should bookmark her profile 😮
  • Now log in to your Facebook account
  • Find the profile of the person you want to text after being blocked you just need to copy this
    Copy the username in the facebook url
    Copy the username in the Facebook url


  • After copying the username you should add the in front of it . e.g
  • By getting this type of email you’re ready to text them now you have to open you Facebook linked email account and compose new email as shown below
    Compose new email
    Compose new email


  • Then your text will be delivered to your desired user even if they blocked you

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Thanks you guys for reading this tutorial and now if you want to tell it to your friend then share this trick

How to send message to blocked Facebook friend
How to send message to blocked Facebook friend

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