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Tips How to prevent bananas from being rotten

Why Bananas get rotten

Bananas are mysterious fruits. They are yellow at one day and if proper care is not taken, then turn to brown on next day. Bananas are turned brown because like other fruits, bananas emit ethylene gas. After harvesting, bananas start emitting ethylene gas. So if some other food is placed near bananas, then it also ripe fast due to this gas. This ethylene gas is not visible that we can see that it is there and neither it have any smell. When fruit is harvested from plant, it start producing Ethylene. Ethylene promotes maturation of fruits. As a result of this ethylene, chlorophyll level starts decreasing and other pigments are produced in the fruit. After harvesting, natural starch start turning to sugar and causes ultimately change of color of banana from yellow to brown. These metabolic activities usually have high respiration rate and high consumption of oxygen.

Prevent Banana's from being rotten
Prevent Banana’s from being rotten

How to save the Bananas

There are many different ways to prevent the bananas from rotting:

  • Remove the bananas from the bag when brought to home. This is because bags have usually high level of moisture and moisture causes rotting.
  • Store the bananas at the room temperature. This is because if bananas are placed at high temperature then they will ripe faster and also will not remain fresh as well. Low temperature won’t allow them to ripe faster in a proper way.
  • Wrap the stem of bananas in the plastic bags. Wrap the plastic only at the stem of bananas. This will prevent spread of ethylene gas to nearby bananas and fruits. After removing banana from the brunch, rewrap it again so that no gas should transfer nearby. Another technique can be used and it is to separate the bananas from the brunch and wrap them individually. It will be better choice to save bananas from rotting.
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