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Newly laid eggs
Newly laid eggs

How to Preserve Eggs for a long period of time

Hi guys ,

Today we will discuss that how to prevent the newly laid eggs from rotting. Because mostly we need to preserve eggs when they become cheap and after that we enjoy that eggs when we need them and they become more precious but in this process everyone feel uncomfortable to preserve eggs due to eggs rotting process is fast.

Steps to preserve eggs

  • First of all fetch the newly laid eggs or purchase them from any general store. Eggs should look like mentioned below :p
Newly laid eggs

Newly laid eggs

  • After this now you need some dry salt in a box . Actually much dry salt to fill up the box and a large box in which we can bury these eggs .
  • Now we are ready and need to start the preserving process . So we’ve a box with full of dry salt and newly laid eggs
  • Bury the newly laid eggs in the box in such a way that we can’t see them from up side . Now it should look like as mentioned below
How to preserve eggs for a long time

How to preserve eggs for a long time

  • Tips to keep in mind : Keep that box in the dry and cold place. No air should be allowed to get in the shell. Now it is possible to preserve these eggs for a very long period of time.

Thanks for reading my post and stay tuned and keep visiting this site for more tips and tricks in future. If any thing is not clear then feel free to ask in comments thanks.

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