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Earthquake 2015: The reasons and facts behind earthquakes !

earthquake 2015
earthquake 2015

Earthquake 2015

  • A 7.5 magnitude earthquake was struck in South Asia on October 26, 2015.
  • It was felt in Pakistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, India, China and Afghanistan earthquake 2015.
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  • Almost 370 people died and according to some report almost 250 people died in Pakistan, 115 died in Afghanistan and rest of the people who died, are from Indian occupied Kashmir (Amount of deaths can be more or less).
  • The last major earth quake which occurred in this area was of 7.6 magnitude. Which occurred in October 2005? It killed almost 87,400 people.

How earthquakes happen?

  • Earthquakes are usually caused when underground rocks break due to some energy and this energy cause seismic waves (waves that travel through earth and cause earth quake).seismic waves
  • When two blocks of rocks rub against each other, they don’t move, they remain at their position and then the time comes and rocks break and because of that pressure built up and it results into the earth quake.
  • The block of rocks start moving from their positions during the earthquake and they continue their movement until they get stuck again.


Some interesting earthquake facts

  • The first recorded earth quake was traced in 1831 BC, which was happened in Shandong China but the recording process started during Zhou Dynasty in 780 BC
  • The device called Seismometers is used to measure earthquake.
  • You cannot feel earthquake of 3 magnitudes but the earthquake of 6 magnitudes could be dangerous
  • The most powerful earthquake ever recorded was of 9.5 magnitudes which occurred in Valdivia, Chile.
  • The earthquake of 7 magnitudes can destroy a city
  • The most dangerous and deadly earthquake happened in china in 1556, that took almost 830,000 lives

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