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Calories In Banana
Calories In Banana

How Many Calories In Banana | Nutrition facts and benefits

How Many Calories In Banana

Banana is well articulated and most widely relished fruit throughout the world. Every person including gymnasts, athletes, children, adults and old individuals like this fruits due to its natural coverage of wide benefits. Most of cultural foods specific to traditional values of different regions include mixtures of banana with other food ingredients and ” Calories In Banana “.

Travelling to initial times, banana is considered as most favorite food for monkeys and elephants as pictured in most telefilms. Have you ever wondered for reasons of its significance?  Let’s have a glance at its important facts and dietary measures taken out from different scientific researches and modern bio investigation techniques about .


Scientifically, banana refers to genus Musa characterizing to long herbaceous plants with long leaves which are also used for different purposes in different aspects and will be explained later. Based on their color they range a large diversity. Yellow, green and brown are most common ones. Calories In Banana also help us to build our charter and develop good healthy habits with eating banana

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Concerning to its economic value a vast variety is cultivated in many different regions of world. 18 million metric tons is large value still expressing only exported amount of fruit. However, it is roughly estimated as only 12% of total world production.

They are cultivated in more than 107 countries and highlighted regions include Southeast Asia, Colombia, Uganda, Burundi, Central and South America. The reason behind such large production of this fruit is modern technique of tissue culture which enhances rapid growth and prevention of different genetic diseases.

Calories In Banana

Calories In Banana

Nutritional significance

This beneficial blessing of nature holds a great amount of nutrition assisting in various functions and food factors requirement of human body. Besides its considerable amount of energy it can also be fed to elder people having weak or no teeth as an advantage of its soft, fluffy edible stuff inside its peel to meet their vitamin demands.

The amount of calories present in this fruit is measured per 100 grams as 89 calories. To burn 48 calories a human needs 13 minute walk or 4 minute running. In addition it contains a huge variety of nutritional compounds needed in minor amounts for proper nourishment of body parts and performing efficient functions.

On the basis of DV% which is worldwide constant factor to estimate credibility and energy efficiency of different natural foods, banana is considered in excellent category. It contains fatty acids of different kinds including Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids have significant role in reducing bi polar disorder, cardiovascular effects and lowers blood pressure.

Moreover, suitable quantities of Choline, selenium, fluoride, Iron, Magnesium and phosphorus are also present playing their role in different beneficial aspects. It is also known as vitamin factory taking into account a lot of different vitamins which states vitamin B, vitamin A, riboflavin, Thiamine, Folate, Niacin and most importantly vitamin B-6. Dietary fibers are one of most important supplement from this fruit because it regulates digestive system well and efficiently. A medium size banana approximately contains 3 grams of fiber which is sufficient quantity.


An interesting fact about banana is its radioactive nature. It radiation dose is also suggested to some extent. This property lies in it due to presence of potassium and its isotope 40 inside it. Useful aspect in this term is comparing banana equivalent dose radiation levels for nuclear communication radiation and exposure check.

Health effects

As explained earlier it contains number of elements which are essential part of human body. Our body is made up of proteins which contain long chains of amino acids as parent material. So that’s why we use need to know about calories in banana

These amino acids come from outside also known as essential amino acids. About 40000 doctors made their opinion considering banana as great health booster fruit.

It prevents our body from high blood pressure which is vast spread problem among elder and also adult ones. Moreover, it made our body resistant towards atherosclerosis and high cholesterol levels. So to prevent this cholesterol calories in banana helps us too much and we prevent such disease in life

It contains sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterols which are alternatives of cholesterol due to structural similarity which binds to blood leaving no space therefore regulates the blood cholesterol.

Banana peel

Its natural odor is due to presence of different compounds e.g. isoamyl acetate which enhance its characteristic smell.

This is also known as banana oil in general context. Banana peel is used to purify water in far off regions because it has ability to extract out heavy metals resulting in good purification.

Traditional dishes

Banana is found to be served in many different traditions and modern restaurants as important constituent of sweet foods and confectionaries. Jams, pancakes and different flavors of banana flour are most popular ones.

Moreover, specific recipes such as banana chip known as banana snack is mix of dehydrated fruit. Peanut butter and banana mixed up with honey is considered to be very delicious and favorite food of children or they also get calories in banana due to nature.

Bananas plants are used as vegetables in Southeast Asia as specific cuisine. Banana leaves are also considered to be of some economic value and are used for packing of some food stuffs and holding liquid foods.

Storage of banana and prevention

Bananas are one of most widely exported fruits due to presence of modern ways of transportation. Extreme care and protection is needed for proper accomplishment of procedure. Green bananas are taken for this purpose and are ripened at room temperature afterwards transportation for export purpose for more time endurance. To prevent loss of calories in banana we store it in such places.

These rooms are made air tight to confine ethylene gas which is also a natural ripening agent in general terms. Refrigeration is another technique for proper storage of fruit but suitable range is temperature is needed between 13 and 15 degree Celsius.

If the temperature is lowered down then its cell wall breaks and the fruits turn to greyish appearance. Moreover, in domestic fridges bananas turns to blackish hue due to environmental effects but the fruit inside it remains intact.

If storage of fruit is required for considerable times then they are packed in boxes and sealed with presence of ethylene absorbents compounds making them more resistant to extra ripening and deterioration. Polythene bags are considered to be most suitable for packing purposes. The inert carriers used to prevent ripening include Potassium permanganate and carbon dioxide.

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