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Manchester United VS Stoke City – Prediction, Preview – 1st Jan – 2015

Manchester United and Stoke City will play an important match of the English Premier League. Match will be played on the 1st January. Manchester United is quite hopeful to win this match. Both teams have different position on the points table. Man United is the better team as compared to the Stoke City due to many reasons. Manchester United will win this match too. This match will be played. Manchester United has qualified for the Champions league many times. In fact, United qualifies for the champion league every time. It has played many matches in the Champions league. Stoke City is bit weaker as compared to the United. Stoke City has not qualifies for the champion league as many times as Manchester united did. Manchester United has each and every player valuable. Manchester United is much better team and it can be proved from the fact that United has won the champions league multiple times while Stoke City has not won it even for a single time. Stoke city needs to concentrate on its defense because Manchester United has the strong attack. Last match between both the teams were won by the Manchester United. Coach of Manchester United is much expensive. Manager is highly experienced. Manchester has some very good players like Rooney. Rooney is the forward player from the National team of England. He also plays as the striker from the team of England. He is the captain of the team. He is much experienced and he has been playing from the United side since long time. Besides him, Van Persie is the other big name. He is the current captain of the Netherlands national team. Due to appearances in the most matches of Netherlands, he has too much exposure. He is the forward player. He can also play as the midfielder. Van Persie has scored the best goal on the header in the last fifa world cup. United has the most important midfielder and he is Angel Di Maria. He is from the national team of Argentina. He is the most important midfielder. He has played many matches with Messi and so he has wonderful skills and passing style. Juan Mata is the midfielder in the Spanish National team. He is also the midfielder in the Manchester United. His combination in the midfield with the Di Maria is best. Both have amazing passing style. Although Di  Maria is the midfielder but he can also play as the winger. He is very good athlete due to the superb Stamina. He is also used to finish many goals with perfect end. Manchester United has each and every player very reliable. Manchester united has many international level players. If all of these players are properly used, United can be the best football club. David Dea Gea is the goalkeeper. He is most probably one of the best goalkeepers of the world. He is too heighted and he amazing body flexibility. He doesn’t allow the opponent’s striker to score a goal. He is also the professional international footballer and athlete. Stoke City doesn’t have such big and famous players. Bojan is the Spanish professional footballer. He started his career from the Barcelona. Then he moved to the Stoke City. He is the forward player but he can also play as the winger. Peter Crouch is also the striker in the team. He assists the Bojan. Mostly, many goals are finished by the Peter because he is the main striker. Asmir is the goalkeeper. He is from the National team of Bosnia. He is also the good goalkeeper and he is the important player of the Stoke City.

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