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ICC World Cup 2015 Prediction
ICC World Cup 2015 Prediction

ICC World Cup 2015 Prediction

ICC World Cup 2015 Predictions

ICC Is arranging a new World cup in which all teams will participate and will play according to their terms and conditions. But this time it’ll be very tough from all previous cup’s because this time all teams are trained and well mannered players now. They can play very well and all became hitters of team. The teams are playing mini cup’s like T20’s and IPL. So after all this review now it gave strength to all the players of the team. Because as time is passing cricket is getting advanced and more money is being spent on cricket. Cricket is most famous in Pakistan and India or we can say whole Asia. So all fan’s of cricket want predictions and expert reviews. So we’ll review the predictions according to what we think. Some of the cricket lovers also want to watch world cup live.

World cup 2015 tickets

Where it’ll be played ?

  • Australia
  • New Zealand

These countries are selected because the 1992 world cup was played in those countries.

So according to venue of this world cup you all are able to know that Australia the world champions are getting back in the ground. To get all the matches tickets you all need to contact a Booker of your country you need your passports ready and after that you’ll reach to ground and get the tickets or advance book all the tickets early to get some free space in the ground because due to world cup 2015 every one is in hurry to reserve their ticket.

Icc World cup 2015 Schedule to see schedule of matches and venues detail please : Click here

After you’ll visit the above link you’ll be able to know all the detail of World cup. The details you’ll get there mentioned below.

  • ICC world cup 2015 groups
  • ICC world cup 2015 venues detail
  • Rules in the series
  • Qualifiers detail of Cup
  • Time Table of world cup 2015
  • ICC world cup 2015 pool list

Prediction will be updated here before 1 hour of toss



Time and date



 Australia vs India (Warm up ) Adelaide Oval GMT – 14:00 – 8th February 2015 Australia team = 95% chances


New Zealand vs Zimbabwe (Warm up )Bert Sutcliffe Oval GMT – 10:00 – 9th February 2015New Zealand team = 92% chancesPerfectPerfect
 South Africa vs Sri Lanka (Warm up ) Hagley Oval GMT – 10:00 – 9th February 2015 South Africa team = 92% chances PerfectPerfect
 England vs West Indies (Warm up ) Sydney Cricket Ground GMT – 3:30 – 9th February 2015 England team = 85% chances PerfectPerfect
 Pakistan vs Bangladesh (Warm up ) Blacktown Olympic Park Oval GMT – 3:30 – 9th February 2015 Pakistan team =  89% chances PerfectPerfect
 India vs Afghanistan (Warm up )Adelaide Oval, Adelaide GMT – 3:30 – 10th February 2015India team = 84.6% chances PerfectPerfect
Ireland vs Scotland (Warm up )Blacktown Olympic Park Oval, Sydney  GMT – 3:30 – 10th February 2015Ireland team = 82.9% chancesWrong
New Zealand vs South Africa (Warm up )Hagley Oval, ChristchurchGMT – 10:00 – 11th February 2015South Africa team = 89.5% chances Wrong
Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe (Warm up )Bert Sutcliffe Oval, LincolnGMT – 10:00 – 11th February 2015Sri Lanka team = 98.5% chances Wrong
Australia vs United Arab Emirates (Warm up )Melbourne Cricket Ground, MelbourneGMT – 3:30 – 11th February 2015Australia team = 96.5% chances PerfectPerfect
Pakistan vs England (Warm up )Sydney Cricket Ground, SydneyGMT – 3:30 – 11th February 2015England team = 93.5% chancesWrong
 Scotland vs West Indies (Warm up )Sydney Cricket Ground, SydneyGMT – 11:00 – 12th February 2015West Indies team = 81.9% chancesPerfectPerfect
Bangladesh vs Ireland (Warm up ) Blacktown Olympic Park Oval, SydneyGMT – 11:00 – 12th February 2015Bangladesh team = 75%Wrong
New Zealand vs Sri Lanka ( Tournament 1st Match )Hagley Oval, ChristchurchGMT – 10:00 – 14th February 2015 Sri Lanka = 80%Wrong
Australia vs England ( Tournament 2nd Match )Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne GMT – 3:30 – 14th February 2015 Australia = 90%PerfectPerfect
Pakistan vs India ( Tournament 4th Match )Adelaide Oval, Adelaide GMT – 3:30 – 15th February 2015 Not announced
West Indies vs Ireland ( Tournament 5th Match )Saxton Oval, NelsonGMT – 10:00 – 16th February 2015Before 1 hour of matchWrong
New Zealand vs Scotland ( Tournament 6th Match ) University Oval, New ZealandGMT – 10:00 – 17th February 2015Scotland = 75%Wrong
Bangladesh vs Afghanistan ( Tournament 7th Match )Manuka Oval, CanberraGMT – 10:00 – 18th February 2015Bangladesh = 80%PerfectPerfect
United Arab Emirates vs Zimbabwe  ( Tournament 8th Match )

Saxton Oval, Nelson

 GMT – 10:00 – 19th February 2015 UAE = 80%Wrong
New Zealand vs England ( Tournament 9th Match )Westpac Stadium, WellingtonGMT – 10:00 – 20th February 2015New Zealand = 80%PerfectPerfect
Pakistan vs West Indies ( Tournament 10th Match )Hagley Oval, ChristchurchGMT – 10:00 – 21st February 2015West Indies = 70%PerfectPerfect
 Australia vs Bangladesh ( Tournament 11th Match )The Gabba, BrisbaneGMT – 3:30 – 21st February 2015 Skipped match due to heavy rain
Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan ( Tournament 12th Match )University Oval, DunedinGMT – 10:00 – 22nd February 2015Sri Lanka = 75%PerfectPerfect
 India vs South Africa ( Tournament 13th Match )Melbourne Cricket GroundGMT – 3:30 – 22nd February 2015South Africa = 80%Wrong
England vs Scotland( Tournament 14th Match )

Hagley Oval, Christchurch

GMT – 10:00 – 23rd February 2015England = 80%PerfectPerfect
 West Indies vs Zimbabwe( Tournament 15th Match )Manuka Oval, CanberraGMT – 3:30 – 24th February 2015West Indies = 75%PerfectPerfect
Ireland vs United Arab Emirates ( Tournament 16th Match )The Gabba, Brisbane GMT – 3:30 – 25th February 2015Ireland = 82%PerfectPerfect
 Afghanistan vs Scotland ( Tournament 17th Match ) University Oval, DunedinGMT – 10:00 – 26th February 2015 Scotland = 85%PerfectPerfect
Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka ( Tournament 18th Match ) Melbourne Cricket GroundGMT – 3:30 – 26th February 2015Sri Lanka = 78%PerfectPerfect
South Africa vs West Indies ( Tournament 19th Match )Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney GMT – 3:30 – 27th February 2015 South Africa = 80%PerfectPerfect
New Zealand vs Australia ( Tournament 20th Match )Eden Park, AucklandGMT – 3:30 – 28th February 2015New Zealand = 97%PerfectPerfect
 India vs UAE ( Tournament 21st Match ) W.A.C.A. Ground, PerthGMT – 3:30 – 28th February 2015India = 80%PerfectPerfect
England vs Sri Lanka ( Tournament 22nd Match )AucklandGMT – 10:00 – 1st March 2015 Sri Lanka = 80%PerfectPerfect
Pakistan vs Zimbabwe ( Tournament 23rd Match )The Gabba, BrisbaneGMT – 3:30 – 1st March 2015 Pakistan = 90%PerfectPerfect
South Africa vs Ireland ( Tournament 24th Match )Manuka Oval, CanberraGMT – 3:30 – 3rd March 2015South Africa = 86% PerfectPerfect
Pakistan vs UAE ( Tournament 25th Match )McLean Park, Napier GMT – 1:00 – 4th March 2015Pakistan = 90%PerfectPerfect
 Australia vs Afghanistan Prediction ( Tournament 26th Match ) W.A.C.A, PerthGMT – 6:30 – 4th March 2015Australia = 75%PerfectPerfect
Bangladesh vs Scotland ( Tournament 27th Match )Saxton Oval, NelsonGMT – 6:30 – 5th March 2015Bangladesh = 80% PerfectPerfect
India vs West Indies ( Tournament 28th Match )W.A.C.A. Ground, PerthGMT – 6:30 – 6th March 2015West Indies = 72.3%Wrong
Pakistan vs South Africa ( Tournament 29th Match )Eden Park, AucklandGMT – 1:00 – 7th March 2015Pakistan = 73.9% PerfectPerfect
Ireland vs Zimbabwe ( Tournament 30th Match )Bellerive Oval, HobartGMT – 3:30 – 7th March 2015Ireland = 80% PerfectPerfect
New Zealand vs Afghanistan ( Tournament 31st Match )McLean Park, NapierGMT – 10:00 – 8th March 2015New Zealand = 80% PerfectPerfect
Australia vs Sri Lanka Prediction ( Tournament 32nd Match )Sydney Cricket Ground, SydneyGMT – 3:30 – 8th March 2015 Australia = 85% PerfectPerfect
England vs Bangladesh ( Tournament 32nd Match )Adelaide Oval, AdelaideGMT – 3:30 – 9th March 2015 England = 60%Wrong
 India vs Ireland Prediction ( Tournament 32nd Match )Seddon Park, HamiltonGMT – 1:00 – 10th March 2015 India = 83.4% PerfectPerfect
Sri Lanka vs Scotland ( Tournament 35th Match )Bellerive Oval, Hobart GMT – 3:30 – 11th March 2015Sri Lanka = 95% PerfectPerfect
 South Africa vs UAE ( Tournament 36th Match )Westpac Stadium, WellingtonGMT – 3:30 – 12th March 2015 South Africa = 80% PerfectPerfect
 New Zealand vs Bangladesh ( Tournament 37th Match )Seddon Park, HamiltonGMT – 3:30 – 13th March 2015New Zealand = 70% PerfectPerfect
 England vs Afghanistan ( Tournament 33rd Match )Sydney Cricket Ground 13th March 2015England = 90%PerfectPerfect
 India vs Zimbabwe ( Tournament 33rd Match )Eden Park, Auckland14th March 2015 India = 85% PerfectPerfect
  Australia vs Scotland ( Tournament 33rd Match ) Bellerive Oval, Hobart14th March 2015 Australia = 80%PerfectPerfect
  West Indies vs UAE  ( Tournament 33rd Match )McLean Park, Napier15th March 2015West Indies = 70% PerfectPerfect
  Pakistan vs Ireland  ( Tournament 33rd Match ) Bellerive Oval, Hobart15th March 2015Pakistan = 80%  PerfectPerfect
   Sri Lanka vs South Africa ( Tournament 1st Quater final ) Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney18th March 2015 Sri Lanka = 75%Wrong
 India vs Bangladesh ( Tournament 2nd Quater Final ) Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne19th March 2015India = 80%  PerfectPerfect
 Pakistan vs Australia ( Tournament 3rd Quater Final )Adelaide Oval, Adelaide20th March 2015Pakistan = 88.3%Wrong
 New Zealand vs West Indies ( Tournament 4th Quater Final )Westpac Stadium, Wellington21st March 2015 New Zealand = 89.5%  PerfectPerfect
New Zealand vs South Africa ( Tournament Semi Final )Eden Park, Auckland24th March 2015 South Africa = 80%Wrong
India vs Australia ( Tournament Semi Final )Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney26th March 2015 India = 89.6%Wrong
Australia vs New Zealand ( Tournament Semi Final )Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne29th March 2015Australia = 79.54%  PerfectPerfect

ICC world cup 2015 India vs Pakistan predictions

The most wanted topic on the web and internet or among all the peoples and lovers of cricket. Because recent Cup is won by India and there are really very much fans of cricket in Asia as I discussed above. So this is really unpredictable because both of the teams are now performing outstanding.

Expert review about these teams

Expert says that these both teams are strong but still the India team was performing but in the last series India team lost the matches and that conflicted the trend of that team and Pakistan won the recent and overall they are making them more strong. India is also strong but this time their condition is not looking good

So according to this point of view and previous matches conditions. India team has less chances than Pakistan team to win the World Cup 2015.

But according to previous cup and Their most hit player who made world record. These things point that India will win the World Cup

Preview of World cup 2015

Biggest cup of cricket is ahead. It has almost come. Everyone has waited for this time. And everyone should do because it is the right event to wait for. This cup is the big one. Cricket has many important and famous cups and trophies. It includes T20 world cup. It held after every 2 years. Other one is Champions trophy and it also takes place. Another cup is Asia cup and it is taken place between the teams of Asia. Asia has following famous cricket teams: Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This world cup is going to be amazing. The biggest cup of all these pre-described cups is World Cup. This world cup held after every 4 years. Last time, it held in 2014. This world cup happens in different countries every time. Every time, some country host the world cup. Last time, it was held in India. India won that world cup 2011. This time, it is happening in Australia. Australia is hosting this world cup. This will be totally different as compared to that happened in India. Australia has won the maximum world cups. Australia has the world record of winning such a big world cup multiple times. World cup has different rounds. Firstly pool matches are played. Then some team qualifies for the next rounds. Thereafter, quarter finals happen and 4 teams each from a quarter final qualify for the semi-final. Two semi-finals will be played and it will chose the runner up and winner of the tournament. Final will be worth watching. People and cricket lovers wait 4 years to watch the final of cricket world cup. Last time, Pakistan lost the semi-final from India. So this time, we have the opportunity to take that revenge. Yes, I am true because first match of Pakistan is against India and that will be taking place on 16th February. So Pakistani Nation is quite hopeful from the team.


It is very difficult and unusual to predict the winner and runner up of the world cup 2015 because it is the biggest cup of the cricket. It is the biggest tournament of the cricket. Every cricket team is involved in it. All the cricket teams will have matches. Even teams like Holland, Kenya, Canada and Ireland will be playing their matches. This world cup is happening in Australia. Australia is hosting the world cup. Australia will have the good advantage of its home ground. Australia have the famous and good grounds. Most important matches will be played in Melbourne, Sydney etc. Australia has the good opportunity to qualify for the final or even win it. Everyone will have its own favorite team in this world cup. Analysts will prefer teams like Australia, New Zealand and England etc. Now let’s filter out all teams. Asian teams like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will not be able to play very well on those pitches. There are some reasons for this statement. Australia has the fast pitches all over the Australia. Australian grounds are also very large. Australia climate is totally different from the climate of Asia. So Asian teams will even not be able to score good runs and give good target. South Africa is the team who is known is chokers. It has not won any big cup or tournament or trophy throughout its career. It can’t win the cricket world cup. Australia and New Zealand has the more chance to win this world cup. It is not the confirm prediction, it is just a clue which is guessed by seeing ground realities.

ICC World Cup 2015 Prediction

ICC World Cup 2015 Prediction

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