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2nd Test: West Indies vs England Cricket Highlights – 2015 – 22nd Apr

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Eng vs Wi Cricket Highlights

Highlights of the match will be updated here after the match Stay tuned and keep enjoying the match till highlights.

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England is visiting the West Indies. England is here to play the test series containing 3 test matches. Out of those 3 test matches, 1 match has been played at the stadium of St. Peter’s. 2nd match will be played also in West Indies at the stadium of St. George’s. 1st match has been played, so series is left with only two more test matches. Second match is going to start tomorrow. 1st match was not so predictable. It got drawn between both the teams. England did bat first and in doing so, its opening wickets couldn’t stand long for the team. They went down very early. Then middle order however provided stand to the team and the team managed to do almost 400 runs at the loss of 10 wickets.


No doubt, England did bowl well. It stopped the team of West Indies to the total score of 295 runs only. England had the clear lead of approximately 104 runs. 295 run is not the good or satisfactory for any team in the test career. England started its bat again with the lead of 104 runs. West Indies remained failed in the first inning to stop the England under 300 runs. West Indies had the advantage of its home grounds. All of these matches are being played in the West Indies. Difference between the stadiums and pitches of England and West Indies are great. West Indies is used to practice on its own ground. England is used to practice on its grounds and type of pitches. To play the test matches in West Indies is not easy for England. West Indies has rather slow pitches. England has on the other hand, very fast and bouncy pitches. West Indies ground are slow and bit small, so all these factors show that West Indies has the clear edge over England. Plus the climate factor also favors the West Indies very much. England did 333 runs in the 2nd inning at the loss of 7 wickets. Target was approximately 438 runs. West Indies did 350 runs at the loss of 7 wickets. It needs almost 88 more runs to win the match but day was stumped. Match was at the end, got drawn. Now the remaining 2 matches can decide the winner of the series. If these matches prove to be result full, then series will be won by one team.

West Indies team

Instead of having their own home ground, West Indies lost its first match. 2nd match is an option for them to lead towards the victory of the series. If West Indies wins the 2nd match, it will not have any chance of losing this series.

England team

England has really performed well even in West Indies. England needs to win next two matches to win the series. Basically, England has won more number of matches as compared to West Indies in head to head matches. England also has the vast experience of playing Ashes against Australia.

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