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6th ODI : Sri Lanka vs New Zealand – Highlights – 2015 – 25th Jan

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Sri Lanka vs New Zealand 6th ODI highlights , New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 6th ODI preview, 25th Jan 2015 cricket highlights.

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New Zealand and Sri Lanka are in a very tough stage of series. This is very important series and both teams are quite fighting to win this series. This series is taking place in New Zealand. Sri Lanka is not going in a better condition at the present time.

Reason is that this series is taking place in New Zealand and Sri Lanka is not used to play on the pitches of New Zealand. Mostly Sri Lanka use to play the successful matches on the grounds of Asia. 5th match was played. As it is won by New Zealand, so New Zealand is at far better position as compared to Sri Lanka. New Zealand has won the 3 matches out of 5 matches. One match was cancelled.

If it wouldn’t have cancelled, New Zealand would have won that match also. 2 matches are left behind. New Zealand has almost the complete edge over Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka had won only one match because Sri Lanka bowling is not going well. In the last 5th ODI which was played, Sri Lanka couldn’t chase the given target because target was too high. Such a big target is the failure of the bowling attack.

Sri Lanka has comparatively better batting as compared to its bowling. Bowlers are not like that who can break the partnership of New Zealand batsman. Following the ground realities, New Zealand is going to win this series, because if New Zealand wins only more matches, it will make its way. Sri Lanka should need to win both the upcoming matches because then it will be able to draw the series against New Zealand by 3-3. Sri Lanka however can’t win the next matches because bowling is permanently failed there.

New Zealand team

New Zealand is very close to victory. As it is the series having 7 ODI matches so it is very important series for both the teams. Also this series is taking place at the same grounds, where the world cup will be played, so both teams will get experience and exposure. Not all the bowlers, but New Zealand has got the good combination for the perfect attack against Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is mostly having problem with the bowlers. New Zealand is winning more matches because this series is happening in New Zealand, so it has the support of its home ground.


New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 6th ODI
New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 6th ODI

Sri Lanka team

Sri Lanka doesn’t have the better news anymore. Sri Lanka has almost lost the series. Sri Lanka has now the last chance to cover some of its failure. Sri Lanka needs to win both these matches because series will be drawn. But this is almost impossible. Sri Lanka has the special quality like other Asian teams that all the players are generally old and experienced. Mostly team is containing senior players like Sangakara. Sri Lankan players use to play a long career. Sri Lanka is also expected to be more efficient team of Asia.


Sri Lanka vs New Zealand 6th ODI
Sri Lanka vs New Zealand 6th ODI
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