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7th ODI: England vs Sri Lanka – Prediction, Highlights – 2014 – 16th Dec

England vs Sri Lanka 7th ODI

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Sri Lanka and England are having very important series. Series is almost to an end. This was really a big series. It contained 7 ODI matches. 6 of them had been played and only one match is left behind. It will be interesting to know that this last match has not as such importance. Reason for this statement is very clear. Sri Lanka had won the 4 matches out of 6 matches. Means Sri Lanka has already won the series. This match won’t affect the position of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has not as such concerned with this last ODI match. Sri Lanka has already won the series by winning the 4 matches. England has won two matches out of 6 ODI matches. If England wins this last and 7th ODI, still it will lost the series. It has already lost the series. England has no more chance to come back to series. This series is taking place in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is hosting the series and in most of the cases, host win the series as it has moral support of its supporters and crowd.

Till the highlights are being updated here you can review previous matches of this series. To watch previous match : Click here 

Pitch and Weather report

  • Pitch report

This match is going to be held in ground of R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo, Sri Lanka. So let’s review the stats of all the previous teams played in this ground.

This match is due to the unexpected ending of previous match. So today it’ll be again played in the same ground.

  • Teams won 63 matches batting first here.
  • Team won bowling first here are 44 matches.
  • Highest scores successfully chased in this ground are 288 by India vs Sri Lanka on 28 July 2012.
  • The Highest scores in this ground are 363 by India vs Sri Lanka on 3 February 2009.

This was the brief about the pitch and it’s analysis. Which is showing a good records and the bests of all the time.

  • Man of the matches Records

In ODI’s of this series man of the matches listed below

  1. Kumar Sangakkara – From Sri Lanka – became Man of Match 2 Times
  2. Jos Buttler – From England – also became Man of Match 1 Time
  3. Joe Root – From England – also became Man of Match 1 Time
  4. Mahela Jayawardene – From Sri Lanka – became Man of Match 1 Time
  5. Tillakaratne Dilshan – From Sri Lanka – became Man of Match 1 Time

So this is the record of this series teams most man of the matches players.

  • Highest Individual score

The highest Individual score of individual players are listed below . This series stats From all previous matches.

  • Kumar Sangakkara Made 421 scores on just 499 balls.  His highest Innings scores are 112 .
  • Joe Root Made 287 scores on just 355 balls. His highest Innings scores are 104 .
  • Tillakaratne Dilshan Made 256 scores on just 297 balls. His highest Innings scores are 88 .

So these were the Individuals scores in this series stats.

  • Last 5 Meetings
  1. Sri Lanka won by 90 runs – 13th Dec
  2. England won by 5 wickets while 5 balls were also remaining of match – 10 | 11 Dec
  3. Sri Lanka won by 6 wickets – 7th Dec
  4. England won by 5 wickets – 3rd Dec
  5. Sri Lanka won by 8 wickets – 29th Nov
  • Weather report

Again according to the weather prediction and forecast. This report tells us that today again there are many many chances of shower today. Due to that showers match may be interrupted and also crowd will not able to buck up their team in such weather. So today match is on luckiness that who will win.

  • Prediction

Previous match was bravely win by Sri Lanka again . That’s why this time nothing just matters that England win or lose the match because the series is also won by Sri Lanka. So today still England team as per pitch condition and not their home ground they have less chances of winning.

  • Head to head ODI matches

Total matches played between these two team are 64

Sri Lanka team won One Day International matches 32

England team won One Day International matches 30

The matches abandoned or not played are 2

  • Time of starting

Match will be started on this scheduled time

Greenwich mean time : 9:00 AM (GMT)

England Standard time : 9:00 AM (ENG)

Sri Lanka Standard time : 2:30 PM (IST)

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the good team having a lot of excellent players. Sri Lanka is now out of tension. It doesn’t need to tense about any more. Sri Lanka has won the series due to the capabilities. Sri Lanka is the good team. Sri Lanka is the only Asian team who is different from other teams of Asia. Reason is that all other teams of Asia lose hopes if they are not winning the match. Sri Lanka tries till the last moment. Sri Lanka always try to win the match and make victory possible for them. Sri Lanka has won the last matches because this series is happening in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has the advantage of its home ground. Sri Lanka has the good captaincy at the present time. Sri Lankan crowd is another important factor which is involved in the victories of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has Kumar Sangakara, the most important and old player of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan players usually play more large career as compared to other teams of Europe. Sri Lankan players like Sangakara and Jayawardane are in the team since long time. So Sri Lankan players usually play long careers and so they are mostly experienced and can control the pressure easily on the basis of their experience.

Sri Lanka vs England 7th ODI
Sri Lanka vs England 7th ODI


England is the team whose players usually doesn’t play so long careers. Players have generally small career. Many players got retire from the international cricket after playing for England for few years. Some players remain in the team for the long time. Coming to current series, Sri Lanka has won the series. This last match is not important for Sri Lanka but it is still important for England to save it from humiliation. England should win this last match to keep the score as 4-3 rather 5-2. England can’t win the series now. England has good players too. England has the Alastair Cook. He is the current captain. He is the talented opening batsman who has opened many time for England. He mostly does centuries in his innings. Ian Bell is another defending player and he has the ability to take the match from the start to the last overs with normal strike rate in the middle overs. However, Sri Lanka is more favorite in this last match too because it is in form and it has home ground advantage. Plus the confidence level of Sri Lanka is also too high.

England vs Sri Lanka 7th ODI
England vs Sri Lanka 7th ODI

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