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Ashes 2015 Series preview

ASHES 2015 Preview


This time of the year is for Ashes, probably the biggest test series in the world. Ashes is going to start tomorrow. Ashes started many years ago. Australia had visited the England for the important test series. During that visit, Australia had beaten the England with very worst defeat of the history of test cricket of England. In response to that defeat, Ashes had started between England and Australia. England and Australia both are quite good and strong teams of cricket. There are three different cricket formats. If you had observed about the teams of the cricket, it is clear that teams like Australia, England, New Zealand like the test cricket more. Test cricket is more followed in these countries. Asian teams are not that good in the test cricket. Test cricket is the oldest format of cricket. Ashes is known as the biggest test series ever played in the history of cricket. Ashes is always played between two same teams. It is like the big cup or tournament.

Format & History

For these two countries that is Australia and England, this test series Ashes is most probably more important for them as compared to other cups and tournaments. Both the nations are connected to the Ashes. Nations expect their teams to take the Ashes cup to home. This time, this Ashes is being played in England. Australia is going to visit the England this year to play the Ashes. Ashes always contain the 5 test matches. These 5 test matches are played all over the country in different stadiums of the country. Ashes series are always held by the team who had won maximum number of test series. Australia is the most successful team of the Ashes series. Australia has won 32 Ashes series. Ashes series is specified between two teams that Australia and England. It is coming from 1882. It was firstly played then. It was started as the response of England against one of the defeat in series.

Successful Batsman and Bowler

Most successful batsman of the Ashes is Sir Don Bradman. He is considered to be the best cricketer in the history of cricket. He had the average of almost 100 runs. That is really superb for a batsman to have an average like that. He did 5028 runs in the Ashes. Bowler is judged by the number of wickets he uses to take. In this regard, Shane Warne is the most successful bowler. He had taken almost 195 wickets in the Ashes during his ultimate long career. Don Bradman was the greatest test batsman of all times. He was from Australia. Both successful bowlers as well batsman are from the Australia. It truly depicts the true passion of Australia towards the Ashes. Furthermore, Australia has the better team at the present time. England is not weak as compared to the Australia because it had also won the 31 series. Total of 5 series have also been drawn. It is tradition that Ashes contain the 5 test matches.

Comparison of Teams

In general, Australia has been winning the Ashes since last times, it is due to the fact that Australia has experienced players at this time. Mostly team of England has very new and young players. Such big series demand very experienced players who can bear the pressure, who can stay on the crease even during worst times. Captaincy is in the hands of Michael Clarke. He had played many Ashes and also possesses the experience of playing under the captaincy of renowned players like Ricky Ponting. England has some highly professional cricketers like Cook and Hashim Amla. This Ashes is more important for England because if England wins this Ashes, number of series by both the teams will get equal. So it’s now complete ” Ashes 2015 Series preview ”

Ashes 2015 Preview
Ashes 2015 Preview

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