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Cricket practice game
Cricket practice game

Cricket practice game

This is one of the best game for the cricket lovers .

Every one can play this game even a child can also play this game because this game is very interesting and also important to get the best practice .

This is the cricket game with very good graphics and animations design .

How to play game :

  • To play the game you must connect the usb mouse to the computer
  • Then play the game with the help of the mouse . To play you must wait for game to be loaded .
  • After the loaded game the way of playing is the all just to move the mouse and enjoy the playing of the game .
  • There are the limits numbered as 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 6 etc and the number you will strike the ball will be the score and an animated umpire will come on any sixes or fours .
  • Now all guys what are you waiting for just enjoy the game


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