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Don’t try to be man of success rather try to be man of value

Become the man of value
Become the man of value

Success, authority, status and achievement .These are the words on every tongue and in every mind, perhaps .Someone wants the authorization success. Whatever he does is just for the achievement of his goals, his targets and nothing else. Suppose a person wants to be an engineer. He will go to university and will get the knowledge not to be an innovative and creative type and will not have the idea to do something new or extraordinary; rather he will try to get good job, good salary, good social status and good material life. All present in his mind will be the success. While a wise said “Get knowledge not to be successful but to be able”. The question is that to who does the success belongs? Who is crazy for that and work hard for that? Who has spent his whole life for success achievement? Not at all. He is not the right person who derives the success. The answer is that it belongs to one who is a man of value for the society, country and world because of his skills, abilities and knowledge. Such a person distinguishes himself from the masses due to his work, his deeds and his activities which have proved a lot valuable for the surrounds.

A valuable person is always needed by the society. He approves a lightning bulb when the world falls in the darkness of helplessness. He provides the society with the things which are lashing these. He keeps on updating himself with the innovation adventures and finds new ways to carry on. Due to his intense requirement, he gets a unique and unparalleled status in the society.

Such person has different mode of thinking. He observes the things from different angles and then explores the easiest and the most value able ways. Success is not his ultimate goal but the work, he does itself. He is not frustrated and confused like the success follower. His work is the cause of calmness and tranquility for him. He becomes a hero, a tycoon for his nation. The successful person is useful for himself only while the value able person is useful for the whole world. He becomes a role model for the others. He is given respect, honor by the people. There were millions of successful people in the world who are forgotten now but the people who did work for the others are still alive in the world along with their work.

Success follower person always remains in tension and faces a lot frustration because he is finding in the wrong street. As a wise said;

“Don’t let the success go to your head otherwise it will riot out your talent “

With the time, his qualities, his abilities and his talent is wasted up because of no use and he can never find the success while the creator gets pleasure out of his work and remains calm and cool. He becomes the leader for others and enjoys matchless honor.

So, try to become such a valuable person that when your eyes are close, every remaining eye get filled with water because of losing you ; and I think this is the time success

Malik Humza Yunas
Malik Humza Yunas
I want to share my knowledge and give my best how to's to my audience and i really love writing about cricket and awesome things which cause the fun and entertainment for my audience


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