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England vs India 5th Test Highlights | preview | Live scorecard 15th August 2014


A great match between the big and powerful teams is going to be happened and in this match both of the teams should have to work hard to win from each other and according to the previous match condition of this series this is really too much important for the India cricket team to keep their title that they had won the world cup in the past and this is a big reward for the India team because that time they were too strong to defeat any team and they have defeated all the teams who was opposing them in the world cup 2014. Their hard work and big players of their team were in those matches and Sachin Tendulker performed really very well in past and Dhoni was the captain of the team and he is a good leader but this time in this series they are in a bad condition because Both teams had performed well in the first test match but the condition was too much serious that’s why no one is declared to be winner and in the last moment match has been drawn and no result was conducted in front of the whole audience and every one face was really worried because no team was winner of that match so after that the next match of the series 2nd test is conducted in the London , England. In this match both teams were aggressive and their condition was possessive so that they both tried their best to get the title of winner but this time India succeed and they won the match by 95 runs this was the great turning point for the England that first winning match was by India this is a great pressure but in the next 3rd test match England team and their players worked as such that they made it mission to win the match and this let them to get the award of success and they accomplished a really hard task by their unity England won by 266 runs and this practice of the match had been held at the venue of Southampton , England because the India team is at the tour of the England . So till this both of the teams have been a winner of 1 match each but this time can become the disappointing or become happiness for them each one. After this all that moment came and the 4th test is held at the venue of host country ground of Manchester , England and the opposition team and the host team both played very aggressively and as tough as they can  this given the main title to the host team and they became the winner of the match England won by an innings and 54 runs this is a great winning that the they got the title with a great win by having one more innings still and got the winning title of the match . So after the great fight between the both teams now it’s a deciding time of the series specially for the India cricket team because if they will work hard and win then they can further stay in the series and can have a chance to win in the series as a whole but if they lose the match then they’ll lose the series and England will be announced as winner of the 5 test matches series.

India team

The great team in the Cricket and this is also national game in the India and people of the India are the real lovers of this game and they all love to watch and play this game and they support their Cricket very well and audience always become support for them and in every streets the young boys are the lovers of the cricket. Murali Vijay a great T-20 player also and he plays also well in the past all the t-20 cricket team and he scored very well in that matches he was the opener there and hitter of the teams and was liked by every one in the 1st test he really scored very well we can say that was an amazing performance in the 1st innings of that test he scored 146 scores and in the 2nd innings he scored 54 which relatively well according to the previous inning so that we can take this as the wonderful performance of the whole test. Gautam Gambhir he is a new player in the series which is exchange by the other player and he should have to perform well as a senior player of this team and also very professional and old player in the India cricket team who always support his team and lead as a captain in the T-20 world cup and the previous matches, Cheteshwar Pujara also was dropped and now adapted again in the team due to the bad condition and they needed the new player he is a new comer in this team but he can also have a chance to make his place in the team by performing an outstanding performance, Virat Kohli a great star or you can say a big bash player and he is a great player and very senior player in the team also played very well in every situation for the India cricket , Ajinkya Rahane is really a new player of the team but he acts like the senior one because he has a great ability to change the condition of the match and he can control the condition in every tough time but he have to work hard in the 5th test to save the reputation of their team.  MS Dhoni is the best cricket player and he is also wicket keeper we can say an amazing wicket keeper of the team he has god gifted talent to get the ball in hand and he is a great leader and as a captain his decision for the team are very well and due to that decision making power he is a best cricket player and a best management player who can have a great title of the winner team. Ravindra Jadeja all the previous matches of this series his performance was really down as we have expected from him he didn’t even crossed from 30 to 40 runs maximum we can say that his luck is hard for him this time.  Ravichandran Ashwin a great bowler of the team and his ball spin’s on the surface of the pitch in such a way that the best to best player can’t even understand his style of the bowling  furthur bowlers are meniton as  Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Varun Aaron, Ishant Sharma, Pankaj Singh, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Mohammed Shami, Ishwar Pandey, Stuart Binny, Naman Ojha is the best player in the team also and he is a great hitter in the previous series we can hope that he’ll play in the 5th test to have a win in their hand because he has good sense of playing the match and controlling the conditions on the pitch.

England team

The great British team and also having a great name in the past of the cricket because they were known as the legends of the cricket but after the time is passing they are getting low but in this series they have hitter very badly against the India cricket by the England cricket So according to this condition and they also have a pressure on the Indian team because they have won the past match two matches of the series and this is favorable for them and if they win this match also they’ll win the series as a whole and make a good name back and a smashing come back in their position in the ranking system of the cricket . So let’s discuss about the over all condition by the player in the previous matches of the series Alastair Cook : He’s the captain of the England and according to the condition of this series we can say and expect that he’s the best one according to his position and he’s leading very well his team and his decisions which he takes on time make him a great captain of the boat of the England cricket in the first test as a captain and opener his performance was really very bad no one was expecting only 5 scores from the leader of the team. In the second test he performed bitterly well than the previous one but not suits his position as a leader should score this much little he just scored near to 20 to 22 in both of the innings. Sam Robson : He’s the all-rounder player of the England cricket team and he’s right hand batsman and also a leg-breaker right hand bowler in accordance to all player his performance was really out class in the 1st test that he scored 59 scores which is slightly well as he is the right handed batsman in the second test his performance go low and he just scored near to 20 in both innings same in the third test he scored not very well just near to 25 during the whole play same in the fourth test his performance was dull Gary Ballance : He’s also a good left handed bats man and he is an off side bowler and his age is just 24 years old. According to his age in the first he performed outstanding from the whole team and his scores were 71 on the 169 balls and he hatted 9 fours in that innings and more than this in the second test he boomed up the crowd and he scored 117 in the 1st innings and 27 in the second innings which is really a great performance same in the third test he bombed in the both innings by highest scoring near to 150 as a whole in the match. then in the fourth test his performance was slightly down from the previous one he just scored 37 Ian Bell : First of all we can’t define this great player in the words he is a young Right handed batsman and also a medium pacer bowler due to hard luck in the first test he just scored 35 runs same in the second test he was unable to perform as he should have to but in the third test he washed the Indian bowler with his great batting skills and he scored 168 as a whole in the match and fourth test was also nearly good he scored 58 Furthur player of the team are  Joe Root and Moeen Ali . Jos Buttler: Best wicket keeper of this team ever and he supported his team in every moment All the bowlers of tht team has done well in the whole series matches that had been passed and now you’ve to see the names which is the best list of the bowlers of this team squad Chris Jordan, Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Chris Woakes and Steven Finn respectively

Pitch report

The match is being held in the host country at the venue Kennington Oval stadium London , England and this is a pitch which don’t make the runs to come on and get easily and this is a hard pitch so according to the pitch it’ll provide a good batting grip and chances so that they can play well on this pitch the can hit up a good scores 

Weather report

The weather is really bad for the match because there’ll have a shower according to the weather forecasters they’re predicting the showers on the venue cricket pitch . So bowler will have a good chance to avail because after pitch will get wet the bowl will get slipped from the hand of bowlers and it’ll spin also well but fielders will have bad chances to slip in the ground during the try to do good field


In this match the prediction is really tough but according to the condition the India needs a win but England is also a strong team and they will win the match to get the series in the hand . So most of the chances are for England to win in the match and they have the 80% chances to win . Today is the independence day of the India also so for the crowd and their nation’s day they have to perform as much well as they can because it’s important for the respect of their own nation.

England vs India 5th Test
England vs India 5th Test

So we hope you’ll enjoy the match ” England vs India 5th Test Highlights | preview | Live scorecard 15th August 2014 ” and if you have any problem with this site you can comment below and you can have a nice discussion about this match in the comment below

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