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ICC World Cup T20 Qualifiers

Qualifiers are meant to qualify for some big tournament or cup. Qualifiers are not meant for big teams. Qualifiers are not only used in cricket. Many other sports use to held the qualifying rounds so that only selective teams may qualify for the respective cup or tournament. These qualifying rounds help the International cricket council to send some specific and selective teams to the world cup. FIFA also involves the qualifying matches and rounds. FIFA happens after every four years. FIFA is the world cup of football. FIFA is the federation that uses to held the world cup of football in various countries every year. For this purpose, different teams use to qualify for the FIFA. Mostly teams get knock out from these qualifying rounds. Actually many teams cannot be occupied by the concern authority. Also there is no need of these teams who even cannot win the qualifying matches against very weak teams. Qualifying matches for the cricket world cup are the same thing.

All small teams of cricket use to have these qualifying matches. Any team who cannot even win these qualifying matches cannot compete at all with big teams of cricket. Big teams include Australia, South Africa, England, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, West Indies and Zimbabwe etc. All other teams of cricket are under developed. Cricket is not the proper sport there. There cricket teams are not proper like that. Teams who will be playing the qualifying matches include Scotland, UAE, Afghanistan, Canada and Kenya etc. There are total 8 teams those will be playing these qualifying matches. These 8 teams are further divided into 2 groups. Group A contains the 7 matches while Group B contains the other 7 teams. Out of these 8 teams, some teams will only qualify.

This is not the ODI cricket world cup, rather it is T20 cricket world cup. This T20 world cup is also organized and hosted by the International cricket council. Teams of Australia, England, South Africa and Pakistan etc are the part of this cricket world cup but this round is the qualifying one which helps the judge the teams who should qualify or not. These teams and countries are under developed with respect to cricket. Big teams are highly experienced and have been playing cricket since decades. Small teams have started the cricket just before years ago. Cricket is even not played regularly here. ICC doesn’t use to hold the tournament and series in these countries because they are not good cricket teams. Just like Pakistan doesn’t use to host the FIFA, similarly these countries don’t use to hold the series. These qualifying rounds are going to start from tomorrow.

First match is between Scotland and UAE. It will be played at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh. Scotland and UAE both are not that good teams. There will be total of almost 51 matches that will be played in the qualifier rounds. There are total of 14 teams. These matches will be hosted by the Ireland and Scotland. It will remain continue till the 26th July. Each top team from each group will qualify for the ICC T20 world cup India. 2nd and 3rd place teams of both the groups will play the cross over and the 2 winners will also join the ICC world cup 2016 that will be played in India. The losing sides of the two play-off matches will then play the fourth-placed sides from each of the two groups in cross-over matches with the winners completing the 16-team line-up for the ICC World Twenty20 India 2016.


ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers
ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers
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