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RR vs KKR 16th May IPL Prediction
RR vs KKR 16th May IPL Prediction

Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders – Prediction IPL 2015 – 16th May

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals 54th Match IPL 2015

RR vs KKR IPL Prediction – 2015 – 16th may. KKR vs RR IPL 2015 Match Predictions at Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai. Indian Premier League Predictions. Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders Weather report, IPL 2015 Toss prediction KKR vs RR, Who will win today RR vs KKR 2015 Prediction Perfect, 16th may 2015 Prediction IPL 2015 Winner. Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals Winner of this match 54th match of IPL 2015

Toss Prediction

Today prediction according to astrology based calculations from Mazahub.com is that KKR will win the toss and choose to bat first.

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KKR vs RR Prediction

Today is 53rd match of IPL 2015. Today the teams are great and calculations are very good. The team below will have more chances to win the match as per our prediction and astrology.

RR team have 72.38% Chances

Rajasthan Royals has never thought about its existing position. It was the team who had won continuous 5 or 6 starting matches. Everyone started predicting that Rajasthan Royals is going to win this tournament without facing any hurdles. Kkr vs rr prediction will be good today. Then it lost its first match from the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Rajasthan Royals desperately needs this victory to do come back. It has still good run rate. So any victory or 2 more points will bring it to its initial position. It really deserves this place. Team like Mumbai Indians is even upper than Rajasthan Royals now.

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Mumbai Indians was used to be the team who remained at the bottom for long period of time. Match among Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals will be played tomorrow at 07:30PM. There are two matches tomorrow. First match is between Kings X1 Punjab and Chennai Super Kings at Mohali. It will start at 03:30PM. Second match of Rajasthan Royals against Kolkata Knight Riders is in Mumbai. Kkr vs rr prediction is today First match between these teams were cancelled due to some reasons. This 2nd match will be hopefully played if it doesn’t rain. This match is in Mumbai. First match was to be played in Kolkata. Kolkata Knight Riders had won that match if it were played. This match is going to be the match that will be fought between both the teams since the last ball because both the teams are strong and have the players of certain level. Kkr vs rr prediction and Rajasthan Royals has to acknowledge that Kolkata Knight Riders is not the easy team.

RR vs KKR prediction Who will win today ?

RR vs KKR prediction Who will win today ?

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