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India vs West Indies 4th ODI
India vs West Indies 4th ODI

4th ODI: India vs West Indies – Prediction, Highlights, Live scores – 2014 – 17th Oct

West Indies vs India 4th ODI

So today this India vs West Indies 4th ODI and the fourth match is going to be played after the cancellation of the 3rd ODI match due to bad weather.


India won the last one day international match. India has won more matches in this series as compared to West Indies. India has proved itself has heavy team over West Indies. There is going to happen 4th ODI today, West Indies has a chance to comeback in the form and prove itself as strong contestant. Also India has plus point of its home ground. Always home ground favors its team. Major crowd will be supporting India. Indian can easily win the match but match will be worth watching as West Indies will try its level best to win this match.

Pitch report

This India vs West Indies 4th ODI  is going to be held in the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala.

  • Total one match is played in this ground which is 1 ODI only.
  • Highest scores in this ground are 227 by England team against India on 27th January 2013.
  • Highest scores which are successfully chased are 227 by England against India on 27th January 2013.
  • Team won batting first in this ground are 0.
  • The teams won bowling first in this ground is only 1 team
  • India vs West Indies Head to head stats these both team have played 117 match against each other in total India team won just 51 matches and West Indies won 60 matches and remaining total matches are 6 which are tie / withdraw.

Weather report

Today weather forecast and stats tell us that weather will be clear the sky will be blue and sunny weather will support the match to be played. Now the Team players don’t need to worry about any barrier by nature or weather.


So in today India vs West Indies 4th ODI  The pitch report is not in favor of India because this team already lost by England team in this ground. Weather will be with game support . The team who will get to fielding first have more chances to win.

India team review

India has won the last match and no pressure at all. India is currently performing well regarding their batting as well as bowling. India bowling is generally not as much powerful as it should be but against West Indies, it’s going good. It can be hoped that India is going to win tomorrow’s match. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has amazing length, line, pace and swing.

Coming to spinners, Sharma is the partnership breaking bowler. India has, no doubt, best batting side. Kohli, Rahane or any other batsman can change the side of match. Dhoni has a best quality of encouraging its teammates after each and every ball or mishap. He doesn’t take pressure even if match is getting worst. Also he comes to strike often when team wants to have him.

Openers play like an opener should play. They do play big hits as well and try to keep run rate close to 8. When an opener outs, middle order tries to take the match with singles and doubles. Batting doesn’t requires boundaries in overs between 15-40. In these overs, India has players like Kohli, who maintains his strike rate close to 100 and takes the target of team from like 50 runs to round about 200. This thing pays off India. Also India has an advantage of its home ground.

Its own crowd will motivate the players and in sports, thing only need is motivation and hard work. Hopefully, India is going to win this match due to its perfect combinations, but as a Pakistani, I want West Indies to win. Also India doesn’t have any pressure of West Indies over them, this thing make the players courageous and helps them to play free of tension.

West Indies team review

It seems that bad days of West Indies has started again after winning the T20 world cup. Reason can be simple that some great players are missing like Gayle. West Indies has to bear this loss. Also West Indian players while playing in Asia are mostly victim of weather.

They have totally change weather in their country, this affects their stamina, performance etc. West Indies fast bowlers can hit a bouncer even by bouncing the ball at the good length, this deceives the batsmen and he can’t decide how to clear this ball. Batting side is bit weak also.

West Indian players don’t have proper strategy also. All players are almost hard hitters and try to hit all the balls over the boundaries. Obviously, this is not the way to play cricket. Middle order is not as such that can take the match with singles, doubles. Only Sammy has some potential to play like a sensible player.

West Indies is already under pressure of India strong batting attack. Bowlers look like confuse while throwing ball in front of good players. Fielding, no offence, of West Indies is best as compared to India as West Indies has physically more strong and fit players. It’s a great chance for West Indies to come back and forget about the past. But still this match will be of great suspense. I think India is going to win it one more time..

Time and starting

Greenwich mean time : 09:00 AM (GMT)

India Standard time : 2:30 PM (IST)

West Indies Standard time : 04:00 AM (EST)

These are the starting time and schedule of the match

India vs West Indies 4th ODI

India vs West Indies 4th ODI

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