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And now you’re stuck with me (Episode 1) : Novel

(Main character’s POV, his name is undecided yet)

It was that time of the year. Birthday wishes, cards, parties and gifts. I always did enjoy my birthdays every year. This year had been the same, so far. However I could not ignore the feeling that something was going to happen.
I was going to my friend’s place when suddenly I heard footsteps getting closer and closer to me. Before I could even turn back to look, someone bumped into me with full force and we fell to the ground. As I tried to get up I realized that my assailant (mera gunahgaar) was a mere girl. Her hands touched mine and then I felt something warm and wet flow between our hands. This was too sudden to be a romantic notion so I investigated what was between our hands. I felt her move, and in a matter of seconds she punched me on my face brashly and shouted:

“YOU MORON! You made me spill my quick drying glue!”

A painful moan was my only response as I held my aching face with my free hand. Getting up quickly I looked at her angrily in her eyes and said:

“I’m the moron?! You ran into me, made me fall, got we stuck and then you took the kind liberty of punching me square in the face! I have serious arguments to your idea of who the moron is here!”

“SHUT THE HELL UP!” was her loud reply. Followed by “Now be a dammed gentleman and help a lady to her feet!” she said as he scrunched her nose at me.

“Lady? Where? I don’t see any lady here” I said smirking wittingly. But what followed made me curse my wits. A lot. Tearing pain was what I felt as she pierced her heel shoe into my foot. I screamed out of pure agony and thought to God what had I done wrong to deserve this on my birthday.

“Take me to that building” she said pointing at a building across the street “And dont you dare smile because we will be holding hands because of the stupid glue!” She said as she glared at me angrily. Breathing quickly, her bright blue eyes staring right into my brown ones as if challenging me to a duel. Her face, expressions, evens her nose. Everything about her was adorable and beautiful. Adorable? Beautiful? Why did I just think of a random person as adorable and beautiful? I thought to myself as I looked her in her eyes.

Of all the days of the year.
On the day of my birth
with a complete stranger
I fell in love.

I regained my composure, smiled at her and said: “And now you’re stuck with me”


Now you're stuck with me
Now you’re stuck with me
Malik Humza Yunas
Malik Humza Yunas
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