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And now you’re stuck with me (Episode 2) : Novel

EPISODE 2 (Girl’s POV. this ep will be from her angle) That moron kept smiling for a good fifteen minutes after he said that. Honestly it was creeping me out. I started walking towards the apartment and pulled him a little to make him go faster. His grip on my hand was tight. How badly I wanted to beat the crap out of him is beyond measure. How dare he hold my hand so tight. I wanted to skin him like a butcher peels off a chicken’s feathers before chopping it into pieces. I almost kept forgetting it was all because of the glue. “Patience Fiona patience.” I whispered to myself again and again. As if trying to calm myself down. We’d been walking slowly for five minutes. I turned back to shout at him some more to make him go faster. What happened next was completely justified and correct. I slapped him. That jerk. That stupid douchebag. That imbecile! He was staring at me while I wasnt looking. HOW DARE HE! He looked so shocked with my hand’s mark stamped on his face. He deserved it. He was staring at me. I think he was. Wasn’t he? “WHY DO YOU KEEP HITTING ME?! ARE YOU IN YOUR SENSES?!” he said in a voice that could almost be taken as a scream. “Stay in your limits jerk! You were staring at me!” I said so because thats what he was doing. I was sure of it. Almost sure. Um. Okay half sure. Uh. No. I wasnt sure he did that. But if he did he deserved the slap. “You are one of the most violent women I have met in my entire life.” He said as he traced his fingers over where my hand slapped him. He looked hurt. “I wasnt staring at you. I was thinking why the hell does a girl wearing heel shoes have to run like a friggin bunny rabbit through a street without looking at where shes going WHILE carrying a bottle of quick drying glue. Why would someone do that?” “Because its none of your business” I replied plainly. I didnt want to tell him. I didnt want to talk to him. Or face him. He wasnt staring at me and I slapped him. I was wishing a hole opened up in the earth and swallowed me. I was feeling so embarrassed. I didnt want to show him that embarrassment. God it was so humiliating. Then I heard water dripping. It was getting closer. A water pipe on a wall next to us had just started dripping water. An idea crossed my mind. I ran towards the pipe without a second thought and pulled him with me. I gathered a lillte water in my free hands palm and stroked his slap hurt face with it to soothe him. But as soon as I realised what I was doing. I froze. He looked surprised. His breathing had gotten fast. And he was staring at me. Again. Right into my eyes. *PATAAKH* That street heard two slaps that night.

Now you're stuck with me
Now you’re stuck with me
Malik Humza Yunas
Malik Humza Yunas
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