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Nepal vs Netherlands Cricket 1st July 2015

International cricket council has paid attention to hold the series between two small teams of cricket as well. This time, this series has been planned between Nepal and Netherlands. These both are new teams to the cricket somehow. Nepal and Netherlands both have not played any such many series in their pasts. Nepal and Netherlands both are the small teams. Like other teams Kenya etc, these both are also doesn’t have the very big and strong team. Cricket is not as such the famous sport in their country. People don’t use to play cricket. That’s these are not that advance in cricket. Nepal and Netherlands both don’t come in the top 10 teams of cricket. International cricket council has held the series between these two teams as well. Nepal and Netherlands both have played very less number of matches and series on the international level. Among these two teams, let’s do comparison between these two teams. Netherlands is better as compared to Nepal because Netherlands has played rather more numbers of matches on the international level as compared to the Nepal. Nepal as well as the Netherlands both is the tough competitors though. Nepal and Netherlands have played the matches only in T20 international cricket world cup and so. If such teams are given the opportunities to play the regular series, they can get improve themselves. Another important factor is the opponent’s team. If these teams are allowed to play the series against top 10 teams of cricket on regular basis, then players will get rather more time to play with big players. It will ultimately help them to play better. Nepal and Netherlands are having this series since some days ago. This time, Nepal is visiting the Netherlands. Netherlands is hosting this series. This series is being played in Netherlands. Netherlands has got the opportunity to host any team for the sake of cricket. Series contains 4 T20 matches. It is T20 series. Any team who will win the 3 matches will win the series. It is to be noticed that Netherlands has just one cricket stadium. All of the 4 matches has been planned at the VRA ground Amstelveen. VRA Cricket Ground is a cricket ground in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, the home of VRA Amsterdam since 1939. It is in the north Holland Province of the Netherlands. Netherlands is the better team. Reason is that it had played more number of series. Netherlands and Nepal has already played the first match. As expected, Netherlands has won the match by 18 runs. This series is in Netherlands. Netherlands always has the advantage of the home ground. Nepal had tackled the Netherlands well in the last match. Both the teams couldn’t score match as it is the T20 match. Netherlands and Nepal has the wide range of player. Netherlands is favorite team for this tournament. Out of 4 matches, only 3 matches are left. Next match is tomorrow. Netherlands and Nepal should have done in the next matches.


Nepal is the cricket team of the Nepal country. It represents the Nepal at international level. Nepal is not that bad or weak. It has remained the member of the ICC as the associate member since many years. Paras Khadka is the captain of the team. Captain of Nepal national cricket team is Paras Khadka. He is the renowned all-rounder of the Nepal team.


Netherlands doesn’t need to worry about much because it has already won the first match and the next matches are not that difficult. Netherlands captain is the Peter Borren. He is the right handed batsman.

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