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United Arab Emirates vs Zimbabwe – Preview – Cricket World Cup – 2015 – 19th Feb

United Arab Emirates vs Zimbabwe Preview – Cricket World Cup 2015

UAE vs ZIM 8ODI Preview , United Arab Emirates vs Zimbabwe Preview Today match, 19th Feb 2015 Cricket World Cup Match.

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Zimbabwe and UAE will have the match tomorrow on 19th February. It’s the start of the world cup. It is the 8th official game. Zimbabwe has played its 1st match against South Africa. Zimbabwe will play its 2nd match against UAE. South Africa beat the Zimbabwe in the first match. South Africa beat the Zimbabwe by 62 runs. Zimbabwe has already lost the one match in the pool matches.

UAE hasn’t played a single match up till now in this tournament. However, it has played the warm up match. Both teams are weaker teams of the tournament. Zimbabwe is although the better team with respect to UAE team with respect to many factors. As it should be said that Zimbabwe is the better team because it has the better ODI ranking. UAE is not the regular and routine cricket team.

It means that UAE doesn’t have the proper series. They don’t have series like proper series and matches announced by the ICC. So UAE players generally don’t get exposure especially international exposure that can help the players. Players don’t get the chance to play with renowned players of the time. Then they are forced to play in the world cup, so all of them have to face the difficulty while facing the strong teams.

Although Zimbabwe is not very strong contestant, but UAE and Zimbabwe both are unpredictable teams. Like Zimbabwe did against West Indies. Although Zimbabwe couldn’t win the match but it really gave very tough time to West Indies in chasing the target.

If West Indies had shown a bit of relaxation in the bowling, Zimbabwe would have chased that target. United Arab Emirates doesn’t have the cricket as their prominent game but still it has the team. Last match of the world cup was in between Bangladesh and Afghanistan. After this match, big match between 2 big teams will be played i.e., between England and New Zealand.

UAE vs ZIM Preview World Cup 2015
UAE vs ZIM Preview World Cup 2015
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