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West Indies vs Ireland Preview World Cup 2015
West Indies vs Ireland Preview World Cup 2015

West Indies vs Ireland – Preview – Cricket World Cup – 2015 – 16th Feb

West Indies vs Ireland Preview – Cricket World Cup 2015

WI vs IRE 5ODI Preview , West Indies vs Ireland Preview Today match, 16th Feb 2015 Cricket World Cup Match.

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West Indies will play its first match in this world cup. West Indies is the part of pool B. West Indies will also play the match against Pakistan and India. Match will start tomorrow in the morning. Both teams are not very good.

West Indies and Ireland both will play their first match against each other in this world cup. West Indies and Ireland both are average teams. Ireland is the only cricket team who had done many unexpected mishaps. West Indies has played the warm up match. Ireland beat England in the last world cup also by chasing big target.

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West Indies should win this first match because it will face difficulty in winning against the India, Pakistan, South Africa etc. Ireland is the comparative weak team. West Indies is also the current champions of T20 cricket. Ireland has although never qualified for the semi-finals and finals but still it is way better than Kenya, UAE etc. Players of Ireland are in fact the part of England.

Some players of England have come from the National team of Ireland. Ireland has caused many big and large mishaps. Ireland has although not many repute and famous players in its team but still, the strong will and the proper captaincy help them to win any match against any strong team like they did against England in the last world cup.

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West Indies doesn’t have actually the players who can stay for long except some players. Ireland doesn’t win all the matches continuously but it wins some matches against big teams with great margins.

Reason is that the players have the talent but they don’t have the experience. Ireland doesn’t play the series and matches like other teams on regular basis.

It only plays matches in world cups. Players are mostly out of practice and game before the world cups. Ireland has given very good response in the warm up matches. Ireland also can win tomorrow’s match very easily if it bowls well. Batting won’t be headache of Ireland because it has the good and key players. Also West Indies doesn’t have any very superb bowler who can out key players of Ireland. But West Indies has the good batting setup and any loose bowling attack can get a big target.

West Indies vs Ireland Preview World Cup 2015

West Indies vs Ireland Preview World Cup 2015

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