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Zimbabwe VS India 1st ODI Highlights 10th July 2015


International cricket council is kind enough for India to arranging its back to back tours in different countries. These tours are being arranged inside the South Asia as well outside the South Asia. India is visiting different countries and states to play the T20 and ODI series. India is also going to organize the T20 world cup in the start of the next year 2016. For that one, India is practicing high these days to win that tournament. India has recently visited the Bangladesh to play the T20 series. India has been visiting different countries. International cricket council has arranged the tour for the India in the Zimbabwe. India had lost the series from Bangladesh though.


Will be updated here later after the match .

It reminds India that it is not the good choice for the upcoming ICC T20 world cup 2016. India needs a lot of improvement. There are lots of areas of improvements in the Indian batting as well as bowling. These areas need to improve to win the tournament. India will practice further by playing this series against Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is organizing some series after a very long time. Before this, only small teams used to visit the Zimbabwe. India is the good team of cricket who is going to visit the Zimbabwe for the tour. This tour is rather large. 1st ODI match is going to be played tomorrow. This ODI match will be played at Harare sports club, Harare. Harare Sports Club is a cricket, rugby, tennis, golf and, squash ground in Harare, Zimbabwe. Initially known as Salisbury Sports Club, Harare Sports Club has served as the primary cricket venue in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe since its inception. It is very much clear that India is the dominant team and it will, of course, dominate the Zimbabwe team in both the series, but there is not any surety because India had just lost the series from the Bangladesh. Zimbabwe has the very good chance to create and improve its image in the upcoming world cup T20 by winning these series. Zimbabwe has the huge edge of its home ground. Even Zimbabwe doesn’t have any other good or famous cricket stadium. Two matches of T20 series and three matches of ODI series will be played on this stadium of Harare. Zimbabwe will host this series. Visit of India is beneficial for both the teams. It is better for India because it will get practiced before the start of actual T20 world cup by playing with different players under different circumstances. This is beneficial for Zimbabwe because it will get its name high because it has hosted the international ODI and T20 series. Zimbabwe has the home ground advantage and it can even win the series. If Zimbabwe gets succeed in winning anyone of the two series, its rank will of course get improve. Zimbabwe has the very much weaker side as compared to the India but still, it will compete because it has got the enough confidence that it is hosting and organizing an international tour.


After the defeat from the Bangladesh, India is in hurry to win any of the next series to save from further humiliation. India has the good captaincy as well as mature and experienced players in the ODI team. Beating the Zimbabwe will not the big deal for India.


Zimbabwe has not hosted many series. This is more or less the first time, India is coming to visit the Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe players should believe in themselves because India is not very strong team as depicted its last series against Bangladesh.

Zimbabwe vs India 1st ODI 10th July 2015
Zimbabwe vs India 1st ODI 10th July 2015
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