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Zimbabwe vs South Africa 3rd Match Tri Series Highlights | Preview | Prediction 29th August 2014


By the winning of the great champions of South Africa with such a great performance and very good runs chased by them in the good time. This was really great chasing of such great score above 327 and their good unite and hard work given them winning title and as we all know that with their great achievement they have swept Zimbabwe also many time and now they also cleared up their way by defeating the Australian champions. When they had defeated the Zimbabwe team in whole series they didn’t even had their great leader or captain as always AB de Villiers but still they performed outstanding and they changed the whole scenario against that team. South African team is said to be unlucky many times. Team is repleted with great players of time who always exhibit their marvelous features against every team. Starting their strategy with strong batting positions they are the best policy makers against every champion. However, most of the time their one mistake brought them down. In spite of the fact that Australians are best cricketers throughout the world involving their great history of previous record. Ricky and Symonds are the best ones of team showing their extreme hard working and tedious performance against every team they won their backs. They never let enemy to rove over their mind. Best cricket team is judged by their strategy in full pressure times i.e. losing circumstances. Australians are the ones however, South Africa is still cannot be compromised with best qualitative teams. This fact is proved by their winning and breaking performance against Australians opponents. Tri-series is one the most interesting series. The audience and visualizers enjoy the team politics taking place at the back end. They fight and then challenge each other with their whole efforts buckled up. Cricket has become one of the most famous sports in the world. It has attracted the technology always in a new and modern manners. Its lovers come up in a united fashion throughout the world. Money is the best economic factor related to this sport. Now in this series we have to watch the strategy of Zimbabwe to prevent itself against other teams and then South Africans to retreat the Australians. Lets see the game.


Highlights will be updated after the match

Zimbabwe team

The team known by its losing performance ever in every match. They need to reshape their players with great tactics of games. Every time they came up in any series they are characterized by their weakest link to lead to next match. However, their performance against every team may be hilarious and courageous but their strategy is failed by most of the factors. Need is of best coaching to enable them to lead them to higher rankings worldwide.

South Africa team

This team is really known very good in ICC cricket rankings and in the recent match against Australia they have performed their well as much as they were able to and this gave strength to a good result for them , this is the result they got that their unite made them able to win the match in which the opponent was very strong and they had given a great target which was seen to be very tough to chase on by the way they had chased them and got their name published Quinton de Kock the keeper of this team really scored very well against this opponent team He really played very well and 84 scores were made in the past. Faf du Plessis is the captain of the team and his batting was really full of pleasure and also in the previous match against Australia Faf du Plessis shown his outstanding fins and crossed the scores of limit by scoring 106 and the real and most great captain of AB de Villiers captain and real captain of the team of the ODI’s he really fulfilled his duty in last match he played against the AUS 136 scores and the man of that match

Weather report

The weather will be great and sunny as per weather forecast report and all the teams and players just don’t need to worry about the weather playing conditions will be very outstanding and they can perform their well as the can.

Pitch report

This is a batting pitch and previous matches played here also and the highest score in this ground is 350 by Australia against Zimbabwe team and the most highest score in this ground which was successfully chased by the opponent is 328 by South Africa against the Australia team on 27 Aug 2014 which is the recent match of Tri series also. The teams who bowled first in this ground as a whole won 55 matches and the teams who played and bat first in this ground just won 52 matches

Time and starting

Greenwich mean time : 7:00 AM (GMT)

Zimbabwe Standard time : 9:00 AM (CAT)

South Africa Standard time : 9:00 AM (SAST)

These are the starting time and schedule of the match


According to the prediction we definitely know that South Africa who defeated the giant will win in this match.

Zimbabwe vs South Africa 3rd ODI
Zimbabwe vs South Africa 3rd ODI
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Malik Humza Yunas
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