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Chelsea vs New Castle – Prediction, Highlights – 2014 – 6th Dec

Chelsea vs New Castle 6th December


Among both the teams, lot of matches has been played at different grounds in different scenarios. Both teams did their best and every player tried to get victory for the team. No doubt, Chelsea is far better team than New Castle on the basis of players it has but still there is not as much difference in the score history of both teams. Chelsea had won the Barclays. New Castle also had qualified many times for the next rounds.

According to previous head to head record, Chelsea and New Castle had played total 148 matches. These matches were played at different venues like some were played at New Castle and some were at Chelsea and few were at neutral grounds. Out of those 148 matches, Chelsea won 61 matches and New Castle won 49 matches. It clearly indicates that Chelsea has always remained much better teams than New Castle. Currently Chelsea has classic national level players while New Castle doesn’t have any such perfect forward who can score a goal.

Chelsea is going to win this match which is going to be happen on 6th December. Chelsea has good forwards as well as midfielders.

Chelsea vs New Castle 6th December
Chelsea vs New Castle 6th December

Match report and Prediction

Chelsea and New Castle both are good teams but Chelsea is really good team. He has such a good players and footballers. Chelsea is the rich club as compared to New Castle, so Chelsea use to buy more expensive players as compared to New Castle. Chelsea has too many talented and old footballers. Actually in clubs, those who play from their national teams are generally expensive and good as compared to local players. So Chelsea has more those classic National team players, while New Castle has only keeper of such type. Let’s have a look on some interesting players of both teams. In Chelsea, Deigo Costa is the good choice. He has become famous due to his stylish goals in the club matches. Also he is the mature and experienced player. Drogba is an Ivorian National team player. He is also a striker. He has good pace, shot skills and his target at the keeper pole is really amazing.

Chelsea has one more good player and this time he is not the striker, he is the midfielder and stroke the goals as well. He is Oscar. Oscar is Brazilian team National team. Due to playing with great and amazing players of Brazil like Neymar and Hulk, Oscar has much practice of good passes. Gary Cahill is the defender in English National team. He has playing for clubs absolutely fine. His tackling ability without doing any foul is really amazing. He tackles the players in such a way that strikers can’t make it to goal. Both teams has good goalkeepers. Goal keepers are really of equal level. This thing also do compete both the keepers and they try their best to save the target. Chelsea has Petr Cech. He is the goal keeper of Czech Republic National team. His performance in both things that is clubs as well as National team is satisfactory. He has saved many goals in many matches. His jump especially is very strong. He can jump even from one side of pole to other without any difficulty by keeping the ball under control. He is the successful goal keeper for one on one scenarios. Now New Castle has Tim Krul. Tim Krul is heighted, powerful, smart and good looking goal keeper. He is the Dutch goal keeper. If last world cup is carefully observed Krul was specially placed in the team to save the penalties and he really saved it one time. So he is master in saving the penalties.


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