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India vs England 3rd ODI Highlights | Preview | Prediction 30th August 2014


In the first match as the match post pounded due to the heavy rain the India players have shown their Power and anger in this match by making their team win by 133 runs which is a respectable win and as per we all were expecting that the team will have to win and they fulfilled the request of their crowd and save their respect by winning this team.
This match will be very interesting and challenger and full of suspense because India is looking to salvage the loss he had got in the last test series which made them shame in front of ICC and their respect and dignity was hurt-ed and also the cricket association of the India was very astonished on all this just happened with them lead them to feel shy about their team and MS Dhoni was very sad due to this thing happened with them.
But this time they all shown that they are the best one’s but if they want to continue this fame they should have to necessary win this match as they had done effort for the previous one .
This effort should be carry on forward matches to have a great victory against their opponents and get satisfaction

India team

This was the big news for the India team that they won the previous match from the opponent team or hosts. Because they have already lost the previous series so these matches should need a winning important for them because if they’ll not win this then they’ll lose their respect in front of audience and their salvage should be continued until they recover the loss of the test series. In the last match 2nd ODI Suresh Raina performed really very well as the most senior player of the team and his bat was UN stoppable for the opponent team and he scored 100 which is the most highest scores of that match and then MS Dhoni the leader or captain and also wicket keeper of the team had performed well by scoring 52 in this match Rohit Sharma is a good batting line player and opener of the team and in the last match he also scored like his captain 52 scores . This figure is really amazing that both player got this one and now the more effort is needed from the old and senior players of the team Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan should also need improvement to win this match because in the last match their performance was shameful in their whole career

England team

This team is also the great Britian kings and they also have good players but this time it was all the result of the mismanagement that they had lost this match and due to their captain misleading them and didn’t covered the faults of the team. Because they all already knew that India team will try their best to win the match but they didn’t even worried about the match resulting the defeat the shameful defeat they had got . Alastair Cook the leader or captain of this team and Ian Bell the great player of this team should have to perform their well if they want to gain respect which they have lost in this match and they all worked hard to win the test series so to win this one they need more effort to have a winning title

Weather report

The weather forecasters has reported that the weather will be overcast and cloudy but their are less chances of raining so the play can be continued without any problem

Pitch report

The match is going to be held at the venue of hosts Trent Bridge, Nottingham , England . This is a great pitch but it’s more compatible for the bowlers to well spin the bowl so that their can show their abilities . The maximum scores which has been done in this ground are 331 by India cricket team against South Africa at 6th June 2013 this is also sorrowful for the hosts because this ground is looking in favor of India. And a long time ago the top scored which had been chased successfully in this ground is 258 by Australia cricket team against Pakistan at 9th June 2001 this incident also happened in June . So this is also a new thing we’ve seen in this ground the teams who bowled first in this ground won 10 matches and the teams who batting first in this ground won only 3 matches .

Time and starting

Greenwich mean time : 9:30 AM (GMT)

India Standard time : 3:00 PM (IST)

England Standard time : 10:30 PM (BST)

These are the starting time and schedule of the match


As per our prediction the India cricket team had best scores which is highest in this ground already and there are chances that team who will bowl first will win the match according the ground past .


India vs England 3rd ODI
India vs England 3rd ODI
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