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Liverpool vs Chelsea – Highlights, Prediction, Preview – 2014 – 8th Nov

Liverpool vs Chelsea Preview

Total 170 matches had been played between Liverpool and Chelsea. Out of 170, Liverpool won 70 matches while Chelsea won 55 matches. It means Liverpool remained a strong side over Chelsea. Chelsea couldn’t beat Liverpool more. Liverpool and Chelsea both have international level players. Both of these clubs play in Barclays premier league which is the mostly watched premier league in the world. Anyone of them can win this match but there are more chances of draw. Both teams will try their best to win this match. Proper strategy and substitutions will help each team to lead the other.

Liverpool vs Chelsea prediction and preview

Match on 27th April, 2014, Chelsea beat the Liverpool by 2-0. Discipline and shape of Chelsea in that match was really amazing. Liverpool found it very difficult to break the Chelsea defense. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho found his tactics spot on to keep alive his team sides. Current position of Liverpool in English premier league is 7th on points table. It is one of the best supported clubs by people of Europe. Liverpool has won most European trophies than any other English team.  Liverpool has players of international level. When a team has some such players then it is usually very difficult to handle such a team. Reason is that all players have excellent tactics, game, passing, combination, understanding etc. Let’s have a look on some players of Liverpool. Mario Balotelli is the Italian player and plays in the forward region. He is much experienced and heighted player for Liverpool. Team having good strikers usually scores more goals and consequently win more matches. Balotelli is such a mature and talented player. Steven Gerrard is the captain of the team and an English Footballer. He is much experienced and midfielder. Midfielders usually have main responsibility of transferring the ball from their side to opponent’s D. Now Liverpool also has classic defenders like Alberto Moreno. Alberto Moreno is the Spanish footballer and due to playing with excellent defenders like Puyol, he has excellent combination ability. Another midfielder is Henderson. Henderson is England national team footballer and the good midfielder. He generally assists Gerrard in the midfield.

Chelsea has beaten Liverpool in the last match by 2-0. So Chelsea has confidence level very high. They can beat Liverpool in this match too because there team has the variety of talent. Chelsea also has international level players. Some of them are discussed here. Diego Costa is the Spanish footballer and striker in Chelsea. He has good sprint, dodging style etc. Another good striker is very famous Drogba. Drogba is the all-time top scorer of National team of Ivory Coast. He is famous due to his brilliant finishing style. Now come to midfielders. Midfielders are like those who carries ball from their half and reaches it to opponent’s half. Firstly, Fabregas is the popular midfielder. He is the Spanish player. Fabregas is much good while playing from National team. But still his long run and stamina is quite good. Another good, heighted and attacking midfielder is Oscar. Oscar capabilities can be judged be seeing that he is Brazilian footballer. He has good extra quality that he can play as a winger also. Chelsea has better goalkeeper than Liverpool. Chelsea has Cech. Cech is Czech republic national team goalkeeper. He has saved many confirm goals in his career. Especially his jumps and dives at the corners of the poles are worth watching. This match will be played on 8th November and both teams has equal chance to win it.  But due to Chelsea last win and also having experienced international players, it can win it more easily as compared to Liverpool.

Liverpool vs Chelsea Prediction
Liverpool vs Chelsea Prediction
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