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How to loud your smart phone music sound

Hello guys ,

I hope you all are fine today and thanks for your love to the tricks of my site . This is the trick to amplify up or loud up the sound of your smart phone because today’s cell phone of all the better and precious companies and nearly all android phones so that phones suck up the battery and battery timing is very less . So to fight with the battery problem all companies are using less power speakers which reduce the sound loudness in these smart phones . Some times we are in college or in any place which is rushed up by the too much peoples there you are unable to listen calls even after routing the voice to loudspeaker but after this way you’ll able to fight this problem and i’m telling you the way to amplify the sound of today’s smart phones or android phones which are low in voice .

Steps to amplify the sound : 

  • Open up the lock of your cell phone
  • Then play any music
  • Or you can attend any call routing the voice to loudspeaker
  • And now after anything you’ve done
  • When the smartphone is producing voice through it’s speaker
  • Now to amplify this you’ve to put your cell phone is any simple glass as shown below and this’ll amplify you smart phone sound after which you can hear it clearly
  • Loud up the sound of smart phone
    Loud up the sound of smart phone

I hope you’ve enjoyed the trick and this’ll help you in  ” How to loud your smart phone music sound”

If there is any problem regards your smartphone then you can discuss it in comment box

Malik Humza Yunas
Malik Humza Yunas
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