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How to recover water damaged phone easily

Hi guys ,

Nearly today we all have a cell phones and no one is perfect so every one do the mistakes and one of the great mistake we do is some times we forget our cell phone and a kid pour it into the water .

Once this happened to me that i was going to college and i forgot my cell phone at home and when i came back I’ve seen that my younger cousin has poured my cell phone into the bucket and due to that my cell phone got off and that time i was unaware of this way to recover the cell phone and i putted the battery into the cell phone and this ended up all the integrated circuits ( IC ) and that time it really made me angry 🙁 . So today I’ve a new cell phone :-p but after that accident happened and i lost my precious cell phone then i studied a lot about this fact and after my research i came to know about the simple trick and this trick is that this can be recovered yes this can really be recovered but you have to suck all the water out of the cell phone first . So to do this follow the steps given below

Steps to dry up the water from inside the cell phone :

  • First of all wet up your cell phone not forcefully but if this is mistakenly done that you’re eating food and during drinking water it mistakenly falls up on your cell phone or any of your cousin or kid do this with you .
  • OK the main thing you have to do after this accident is to take out the battery from the cell phone ASAP
  • After that shake the cell phone with the help of your arm and shake it the maximum water come out from the cell phone
  • Then you’ve to bought a packet zipped plastic bag and into that plastic bag you have to fill it with the full of rice and then put the cell phone in  that rice and the zip it for the 24 hours so that it can suck up all the moisture from the cell phone. as shown in the picture below
Recover cell phone water damaged
Recover cell phone water damaged

I hope so you’re all done ” How to recover water damaged phone easily  ”

And if you’ve any problem with this way then you can have more information from me and you can comment on here if you have any difficulty

Malik Humza Yunas
Malik Humza Yunas
I want to share my knowledge and give my best how to's to my audience and i really love writing about cricket and awesome things which cause the fun and entertainment for my audience


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