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Advantages of Dates

Advantages of Dates

“Dates” are one of the most energetic fruit of nature having uncountable advantages. In our daily life, we eat them, use them for different purposes and cultivate them but we still do not know that this common gift of nature is very precious and most beneficial for human body. Let’s see some advantages of dates and their effects on human’s health.

Removal of acidity

Now-a-days acidity of stomach is most common problem in every person of various ages and its cure is also hidden in dates as these are basic in nature and they eliminates the effect of acidity. Moreover, acidity can also be prevented by using low spicy foods in your daily diet.

Maintenance of cholesterol level

This wonderful gift of nature as stated is cure of several diseases. Similarly, they maintain cholesterol level in the human body by allowing the body to use this cholesterol converted into Vitamin “D”. Sunlight has direct effect on body cholesterol which converts it into Vitamin “D” and dates also imparts the same effect.

Sexual stimulation

The more interesting advantage of this wonderful blessing of nature is its effect in sexual stamina. Dates if mixed in goat’s milk and suitable sweetener is added to prepare a syrup like thing and then taken can increase sexual stamina of body.

Moreover, the above stated advantages are few but this fruit has uncountable good features which help in many aspects. Nearly, all the diseases can be cured by this fruit. In aspect of Islam, this fruit is also sacred and it is also narrated in the Holy Quran. Our prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W has also shown its importance by self-cultivating its seed. In Arab countries, it is source of income for many people. We hope that this brief awareness about the advantages of date will be helpful for you. Lead a happy life!

Retains body energy

This fruit is blessed with a lot of energy therefore it can be used in weakness i.e. after fast; the use of this fruit eliminates all the weariness and imparts new zeal to human body. Usually, it is taken with butter for more proper use and advantage.

Use of its seed

Everything has been created with purpose and this sacred fruit has proved this fact as its seed is most importantly used in various medicines for various malignant diseases. If its seed is burnt in fire and its residue left after curing is used for teeth then it eliminates plaque and other related oral problems. Moreover, this paste can also be used for healing of bleeding wounds and if this is paste is smelled then it is better cure for numerous dangerous diseases.

Maintenance of digestive tract

By the use of dates daily, it maintains the digestive system and helps in proper digestion of food. Use of spicy and unhealthy food causes acidity in stomach and therefore causes intestinal problems i.e. constipation is one of the problem induced due to infection of stomach. This problem occurs when more water is taken out of waste feces in the glomerulus of kidney therefore making the waste more solid and hard which cannot pass through anus but this can be cured by the use of dates which regulates the functionality of digestive tract.

Prevention from Jaundice

Hepatitis is one of the major problems caused due to use of impure water which carries foreign bacteria and viruses in the human body therefore more proper immune system is required to overcome this severe problem. To prevent from this dates are found useful and also by the use of dates in medicines this can be cured.

Cure for Asthma

Asthma is respiratory tract disorder which is so much severe that it can lead one’s life to death but nature has blessed us with his blessings so we can use dates for the cure of this harmful disease.


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