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Why Barclay’s is mostly watched League

Many different countries started their football leagues. Among all those league, one league became more famous and got more spectators. This league earned more profit and with time, it got more famous. This league is no other, this is Barclays. England use to organize the English Premier League. This English Premier league is generally sponsored by international Bank “Barclays” so it is called Barclays premier league. Barclays Premier League happens once in a year. It has many clubs. Clubs are basically representatives of different cities. These clubs have managers. Managers purchase the players of their choice according to budget of the team.

Besides this, many different countries have their own leagues like Bundesliga by Germany etc. In Pakistan, Barclays is mostly watched football league. There are many different reasons for this. Barclays have many clubs. Many of these clubs are too much famous at international level. Reason for their popularity is that they have renowned, extra ordinary experienced players in them. Many big players like Rooney, Lampard etc use to play in clubs of English Premier League.

People want to see their favorite players in action. Many famous players play from the side of different clubs in English Premier League. Barclays happen once in a year. Different teams play matches with other teams to qualify for the next round. At the end 4 teams qualify for semifinal and finally, two of these 4 play final. Barclays has clubs like Manchester united, Manchester city, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton, Aston Villa, Sunderland.

For example, we see some important and famous players that play from the sides of good clubs and due to these famous players, people of Pakistan use to see Barclays.

In Manchester United, Rooney and Fellaini are famous. Rooney plays from England and also the captain of English Team.  Rooney is a striker and due to scoring goals, it has many fans in Pakistan. Fellaini is the midfielder and his charming personality like his hairstyle attracts its fans. Manchester united is one of the club who has won Barclays many times. Manchester United is the big club and its managers, coaches, players all are too expensive and highly paid.

In Chelsea, Diego Costa and Drogba both are quite famous players in clubs and on international level. Besides this, Chelsea has one most important player of all players and he is Torres. Torres is the striker in Spain National Team and Torres skills, finish especially in club matches for Chelsea is worth watching. Besides these 3 players, Oscar is also Chelsea Player. Oscar is Brazilian international player. Goal keeper of Chelsea Cech is also famous among the football lovers.

In Arsenal, Cazorla and Sanchez are good players. Alexis Sanchez has signed this year for Arsenal. He became famous in this year World Cup. He did score many perfect goals in World Cup. He has excellent stamina and appreciable sprint. Arsenal uses to qualify for Champions League.

In Manchester City, Sergio Aguero and Frank Lampard are two important celebrities. Lampard primarily play for Chelsea. Lampard play in the forward position. People like the most who scores goals. So mostly, strikers are more famous among the audience as compared to other players.

Barclays is the largest league because more clubs qualify for champion’s league from Barclay’s premier league. Clubs like Manchester united, Chelsea, Liverpool, arsenal mostly qualifies for champions league and reaches to next rounds. Besides Barclays, other league which is also seen more than other leagues is Laliga. Laliga has also famous players like Messi, Ronaldo, and Casillas. So above mentioned reasons give us answer why Barclays is most watched football league.

Barclay's premier league
Barclay’s premier league
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