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Chelsea Vs West Ham – Preview, Prediction – 26th December – 2014

Chelsea Vs West Ham Preview

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Chelsea and West Ham are going to have an interesting match. This will be the important match of the Barclays premier league. Barclay premier league is basically the English Premier League. Since it is always sponsored by the Barclay, so it is named so. It will be the important match. Since Chelsea is the better team than West Ham regarding each and everything. However, exact score or winner can’t be expected before the match because it is the football. Anything can happen. Chelsea has the players who have played for many national teams in the International matches.

West Ham doesn’t have any such player. Chelsea has invested more money over its players. Coaches and trainers of Chelsea are more expensive and they train the players more in a good way as compared to average team do. Chelsea has won more matches against West ham due to same such reasons. Chelsea has many good and famous players. Players in Chelsea have more fan following as compared to the players of West Ham. Chelsea has recently won matches. Chelsea is going to have a good match against West Ham. West ham doesn’t have any such and extra ordinary player. If West Ham wants to win the match, it needs to concentrate on the mentality of the players of Chelsea. West Ham should come to ground with proper planning and strong will. Although West Ham doesn’t have such famous player but team work can do a great. If every player of the team give his output, then it will be difficult to score for Chelsea. Chelsea has some very famous and good names in the team. Due to these names, opposite team always has a pressure. These famous players are popular due to their games in the international matches. Player at every position does matter for the good team. Attack, Midfield and defense are the strong points of the team. Fortunately, Chelsea has good players at all these positions. Let’s have a brief introduction of the skills of different players. Chelsea has the Drogba. He is the attacker in the Chelsea team. He is also the famous striker in the National team of the country.

Chelsea vs West Ham 26th December
Chelsea vs West Ham 26th December

Drogba is quite famous due to his many different goals in the club matches. Drogba is the stylish player. Another important midfielder is the Oscar. Midfielders are like the backbone for the team. They play an important role in carrying the football from one half of the ground to the other half. Important midfielder is the Oscar. Oscar is the new, heighten, technical player. Brazil has one of the best teams of football and Oscar is its current playing player. Oscar has played many matches from the team of Brazil. Fabregas is another midfielder. He is National team player of the Spain.

He has good sprint. Being the player of the Spain, he has excellent passing skills. He has very good long shoot. Chelsea has the good goalkeeper. It has better keeper as compared to West Ham to stop and defend the goals. It has Petr Cech. He is the National keeper of the Czech Republic Team. West Ham has one good forward player and he is Valencia. He is the national team player of the team Equador.

He is multi talented. He plays as a strong midfielder in the national team of the Equador. Alex Song is the rising midfielder in the West Ham. He is the national team player of the Cameroon. Cameroon is not so bad team. It is just average. Adrian is the goalkeeper but he is not too much experienced because he had started his career in 2012 recently.


Today Chelsea is also a great team and they have more winning chances because they play well and also contains very good players in their team. They have 80% astrological  chances of winning.

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