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Liverpool Vs Burnley – Preview, Prediction – 26th December – 2014

Liverpool Vs Burnley Prediction

Liverpool and Burnley are going to have the head to head match in the English Premier league. Very less number of matches has been played between both the teams. Out of those matches, Liverpool won more matches as compared to Burnley.

Liverpool remained heavy over the Burnley regarding the skills of players and the standard of players. Coaches and trainers of Liverpool are far better than the Burnely because they are much expensive. Liverpool has more chances of winning this match because it has more national level players as compared to the Burnley. Also previous head to head clashes indicates that Liverpool is more stronger side.

Liverpool Vs Burnley 26th Dec
Liverpool Vs Burnley 26th Dec


Liverpool has won the champions league many time but Burnley hadn’t won it for even a single time. Liverpool also generally qualifies for the champions league. Liverpool is currently on the better position in the point’s table as compared to Burnley. Let’s have a look on the specifications of the the players of both the teams. Liverpool has variety of players. First of all Mario Balotelli. . Balotelli is an Italian striker. He became famous suddenly by scoring goal in 2010 world cup. Being a human, Balotelli is nice and initiative person. According to research, he donates most of his money to little poor children for their growth. Balotelli is heighted player, so as a striker, header won’t be the issue. Steven George Gerrard  is an English footballer who plays for and captains Premier League club Liverpool. He is much experienced and mature player as he is the captain of the team.

Although he is somehow aged player but still he managed to play at the midfield. He has very good stamina due to his dedication for the football. Liverpool has rather strong defense. It has some professional defenders like Alberto Moreno. He is such a talented and skillful player. He plays as a left back in the Spanish National team. Due to playing with the good defenders Puyol and Pique, he is much experienced and has better exposure.

Another midfielder from the team of England is Raheem Sterling. He has played a lot of matches as a strong combination with Gerrard in the Liverpool as well as in the National team of England. Being a strong and young midfielder, he is quite enthusiastic boy. He also assists many goals due to good sprint. Jordan Henderson is the defender. He recently has become the vice captain of the Liverpool due to his much experience. He also plays from the National team of England. It can be seen that most players are from the National team of England and England has quite responsible football team.

So Liverpool has the better level as compared to Burnley or any other local club. Simon Mignolet is also the National team player of Belgium. He is the goalkeeper.

He has although not played many matches but being the goalkeeper of the some National team, he is quite responsible man. Now have the look on the players of Burnley FC. It doesn’t have such number of National level player as Liverpool has. Dany Ings is the forward in the team of Burnley but he is not from the National team. Infact, he has represented the England in under-21 matches. Michael Duff is the midfielder. He is not much experienced player. He has not played many matches with big players of National level. He is bit cheaper player too. Tom Heaton is the goalkeeper. He is also not from the National team. He has started playing football at a very small age. So Liverpool has a big opportunity to win this match.


We all know that Liverpool is from the best club and powerful. So they’ll have more chances to win this match.

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