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Man City Vs West Brom – Preview, Prediction – 26th December – 2014

Man City Vs West Brom Prediction

Man City and West Brom are going to have the important and interesting match on 26th December. This is the important match of Barclay premier league. Both teams have some good players. Man City has rather more good and famous players as compared to the West Brom. Man City has variety of players. Coaches of Man City are more expensive and they train the team more in a good way. Manager of Man City is quite famous person. He generally has more budget as compared to the West Brom, so it purchases the more good and expensive players. Man City has qualified for the Champions league more times as compared to the West Brom. Man City is ranked high as compared to the opponent team. Currently Man City has better position on the point’s table. West Brom doesn’t have too much good and extra ordinary players. Man City always manages to proceed for the next stages of the Barclay premier league. Man City has good attack as well as midfield. Midfielders are the main supportive structure for the team.

They are responsible for carrying the ball from one half to another. Team should have good midfielders to score maximum goals. Midfielders are also involved in assisting the major goals. Midfielders also do score goals. Defense matters a lot while playing some important match because a single goal can be proved as a winner-deciding goal. Man City and West Brom both have some good players. Let’s have a brief introduction of the skills of the players of both the teams. Come to the team of Man City. Sergio Aguero is one of the famous strikers of the world. He is the National team player of one of the best teams of football “Argentina”.

He plays as a striker in both the teams. He is young and energetic boy having lot of finishing skills. Due to playing with great players like Messi, he has developed a lot of dribbling and shooting skills. Currently he has scored for the Man City in many matches. Midfielders are important and City has one famous midfielder and he is Frank Lampard. He is the player in the England National team. He is very popular and has a large number of fan following across the world. He has very good long run and passing skills. Lampard has played many matches for the England and so he is quite experienced now. Yaya Toure is another midfielder. He is not as good like Lampard but his combination with other midfielders and strikers are quite satisfactory. He is also the National level player. In the same way, City has the long list of such good players. David Silva is another big name. Being an international player, he has a lot of exposure and he has played many matches with a large number of players. He is from Spain and plays as a attacking midfielder in the Man City. Defense includes Fernando.

He is the Brazilian defender as well as the midfielder. He has, no doubt, best experience of playing in the best team of football “Brazil”. Joe Hart is the goal keeper in the City as well England National team. He is handsome and sharp goalkeeper with excellent flexes. West Brom has Ben Foster as the goal keeper. He is although experienced but he doesn’t have too much exposure. Berahino is England National team striker who plays for the West Brom. He is almost the only good striker in the team. Samaras is the winger in the Greece Natioanl team and West Brom. He has played relatively less number of matches.


Man city is more powerful and also we know their club is more costly so they will win 60% chances according to astrology.

Man City Vs West Brom
Man City Vs West Brom
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